What is Employee Self Service (ESS) portal?

What is Employee Self Service (ESS) portal?
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Define employee self service portal

An ESS software or employee self service portal can be known as any software that lets users access data and learn themselves on the go.

It is an HR technology, which makes human resource management easier. The ESS module assists an HR in solving simple queries and providing pay slips and documents on demand. Generally, an ESS portal is found integrated with an HRMS or Human resource management software.

ESS portal is primarily meant to lower the efforts of HR people and empower the workforce.

Importance of Employee self service portal

With the increasing competition of talent-hiring and staffing, solutions like employee self-service app can help create a positive work culture. Retaining your best performers and employees becomes your top priority in maintaining a good workplace.

Practices like giving powers to their hands and letting them manage data themselves could help in employee retention.

HR technology like employee self-service software being available through mobile apps and integrating them with one of the most used social media platforms can be very helpful in managing and engaging employees successfully.

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Other strategies include learning management, appraisal, etc. But the right usage of the ESS portal can provide a separate set of advantages to the organization.

Features of ESS portal

What feature pack of ESS software makes it so hot for workforce management?

  • Online data access
  • One stop regularization
  • Shift details
  • Online punching
  • Downloadable reports
  • Easy leave management
  • Online pay slips
  • Notifications

TOP 5 ESS Benefits for HR and business:

  • Reduced HR efforts
  • Employee empowerment
  • Modify information anytime
  • Easy leave management
  • HR wearable

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Reduced HR efforts

One of the best advantages of making HR processes automated or self-served by employees is that it reduces the workload of your HR staff. HR departments are notoriously busy, so anything that employees can do for themselves is heaven for them. And why not? Employees too love the authority. Self service portal allows employee to view and check details like payroll, clock in and out, timesheets, benefits, change their personal information, and so on.

This will free up a lot of your HR time manage other productive and important tasks.

Employee empowerment

Self-service app allows employees to access and make changes to their own personal information. Some of the information that employees can access and make changes includes:

  • Sick leave hours
  • Leave hours
  • Pay data/ deduction/ addons
  • Performance appraisals
  • HR reports
  • Requests and approvals
  • Address and personal information
  • Bank details
  • Nominee details, etc.

Such type of empowering practices and allowances improve employee satisfaction and engagement. Thus, a more engaged workforce can be seen with reduced employee turnover.

Modify information anytime

A dedicated ESS software allows your employees update personal details including address details, bank details, contact information with an employee self service portal anytime and from anywhere. The application saves HR people a great amount of time and allows employee to view the company documents, leave balances, benefits, training information and their personal details through their phone without even bothering Hr people.

Easy leave management

It allows team leads and managers to check employee details and accordingly send out reviews and feedbacks. They can even approve or reject employee’s leave requests. No need for managers to ring up the HR department to fetch these details. This saves a great deal of time for both HR department as well as the management. Thus, improved productivity.


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