What HR can expect from Deep Learning in 2016 and Beyond

As we are half past 2016, all eyes are locked on forthcoming and future accomplishments. One particular tech trend that’s making a lot of noise these days is Deep Learning, which is a popular branch of machine learning. Deep learning is expected to influence a number of sectors and industries in the near future. Let’s figure out how.

As we know that computers these days are getting better and better with groundbreaking innovations such as cloud software, image recognition, 3D printing, language translation, etc., whereas a decade ago, things were complete different. Of all the technological innovations, Deep Learning is one such tech trend that has been making consistent and quick advances since its inception.

Here are a few cool things that you might want to know about Deep Learning and how this emerging tech phenomenon will be affecting HR and businesses in the future:

What’s so special about Deep Learning?

Firstly, it uses the same algorithms as used in several cognitive domains such as recommendation engines, image processing and language.

Another prominent aspect of deep learning is that there is no need to command the algorithm for solving the problem, as you simply give the system a whole bunch of examples and it would figure out a solution on its own.

So can Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) really affect the lives of HR?

Here are certain core areas where Deep Learning could enhance the human performances in businesses.

1. Training: People tend to commit mistakes continually that a trainer or coach needs to rectify. Unfortunately, they often fail to meet the staff on a regular basis or forward emails or stick to their agendas. With Deep Learning, it is quite possible to visualise algorithms that identify patterns of a managerial behaviour. This is done by scanning the coach’s emails, calendars, messaging, and so on before coming up with intelligent tips, all in real time. Who knows, maybe one day we could be having a “manager behaviour check”, which would work a lot like spell check? That certainly would be an excellent feat.

2. Organisational Culture & Design: Maybe an intelligent Deep Learning system by looking at abundant of data from tons of different companies would be able to pick up the most appropriate and suitable design and culture for your organisation. Note that organisation culture and design are the most important factors for employee retention.

3. Matching Employees to Work: It takes in extensive amount of efforts for matching employees to work and this is where the entire game of recruitment relies. Perhaps there might come a day when Deep Learning through exceptional AI technology would help us learn a lot about people, team they would work best in, etc.

Simply put, Deep Learning would help us identify individuals, who are not a good fit for your organisation. Good hire is all an HR craves and AI is set to make this feat a cakewalk for human resource personnel in the future.


The vast amount of knowledge around people’s management in businesses is remarkable, but the amount of data in question is often excessively gigantic to keep in our heads and come up with decisions at the speed of light, maybe AI can help us out here.

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