What HR Can Do to Handle the Fear of ‘COVID-19’ at Workplace?

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‘Coronavirus’ is wreaking more chaos than usual and has caused economic slowdown worldwide. In this situation, HR leaders can help employers to manage the crisis and keep things operational. Employers need to be flexible in their approach in the wake of coronavirus outbreak so that they can secure their revenue.

The human resource team must take precautionary measures to guard their employees from ‘COVID-19’, more commonly known as the dreaded coronavirus, at the workplace. During this public health emergency, maintain the safety and good health of your staff!

Below are 10 effective ways HR can handle the fear of ‘coronavirus’ at the workplace:

  • Provide your staff an accurate information about coronavirus.
  • Request your employees to rely on facts, not on hearsay!
  • Ensure employees are not avoiding colleagues to interact.
  • Support flexible working hours and working from home.
  • Revise absence guidelines and remind your staff about them.
  • If needed, review the company’s illness policies and inform employees about it.
  • Sanitize your workplace, especially common surfaces properly against all viruses!
  • Keep in place alternative flexi-work strategies for job roles unable to telecommute.
  • No Handshake, prefer Namaste to greet employees.
  • Last but not the least, keep a plan ready to deploy in case of any major outbreak.

Make adjustments as and when necessary. Like, if any employee stays in ‘COVID-19’ affected area, then allow him to work from home and track his attendance through the employee attendance management system. And, access timesheet management system to track employee’s work. In these trying times, Pocket HRMS can be your best buddy!

Fear about the ‘COVID-19’ is completely understandable, but organizations shouldn’t let fear undermine their employees’ morale. Take help of risk management, IT and finance department to develop a plan in the wake of ‘coronavirus outbreak’. Else, it will impact the business!

After all, healthy employee makes the work environment healthier!

Disclaimer: Pocket HRMS and our writers do not claim any cure or precaution. The ways discussed above in the article do not claim to be the only solution for enterprises and individuals. Please do follow govt. and WHO guidelines for precautionary measures.


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