Wearable in HR: Pocket HRMS brings in a New Twist!

Wearable in HR
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Wearable technology couldn’t get any hotter than it is right now! Yes, be it fitness trackers, smart bands or smartwatches, these are widely popular these days. People from all walks of life are tracking their fitness achievements, heart rates, sleep patterns, steps and much more on the go through wearables. In fact, according to a recent study, the wearable market is poised to reach a staggering 1.1 billion by the year 2020. All thanks to the internet of things (IoT) revolution. Yes, while the telecom tech shifts from 4G to 5G, the number of connected wearable devices is expected to skyrocket wildly.

Thus, the billion-dollar question: why should businesses and employers care about this rapidly catching up tech trend? Well to start with, wearable technology is proven to improve workplace productivity by as much as 10% and employee satisfaction by 5%.

How Pocket HRMS leverages wearable for HR and employees?

We all know it has always been a foot-in-mouth situation for HR when it comes to keeping with emerging tech trends and times. While the good thing is that HR ecosystem has begun to put its head into HR technology, wearable is something that is yet to catch up. We at Pocket HRMS understand the need for intelligent HR analytics to help with people management and all things HR. Take smHRty for example our AI-powered HR chatbot that takes away the burden of mundane admin tasks for HR, but wearables still remain an unexplored concept when we talk about human resources management.

According to a research, more than 70 million wearables will penetrate the workplace by 2020. This is where we at Pocket HRMS stand out.

Pocket HRMS brings in a New Dimension to Employee Management

Yes, wearables can bring in a fresh new dimension to employee management. For instance, our users (companies) get to instantly notify their employees about leave approvals/rejections, attendance, employee time management, etc. on their smart wearables.


Improved Workplace Efficiency

We believe that wearables can greatly drive workplace efficiency and productivity. Reason being wearable technology when integrated with HR software helps collect data pertaining to employees that were difficult to obtain previously. Wearable tech allows employees in sectors such as emergency services, construction, etc. to request for help much faster.

Helps HR provide better Employee Experience

Wearable technology when integrated with our HR software provides the HR department with vital health insights including sleep activities, steps, exercise routine, etc. of their employees. “This data can be further utilized by the HR to come up with suitable health programs and activities to ensure employee well-being and workplace safety”, says Mr. Jiten Somani, CEO for Pocket HRMS.

“Wearable tech in HR paves way for a data-driven workforce management and most importantly, drives workplace wellness and employee experience”, added Mr. Somani.

We know that human resources department in every organisation is devoted to structuring and managing workforce and wearable tech provides a solid opportunity for employee time management, workforce engagement and workplace wellness.

Want to know how we can help leverage the power of wearable technology along with our HR software, write to us at sales@pockethrms.com

About Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS, previously known as Pocket HCM, is a leading cloud-based HR software with state-of-the-art development and support centres across the country. It now comes with a built-in and intelligent HR chatbot to take care of everyday HR tasks. Pocket HRMS empowers businesses by addressing a range of human resources management problems. It serves as a trusted name in the cloud HR domain offering powerful modules to manage critical HR operations.

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