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Employee Benefits
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A good employer is one who keeps their employees happy. To achieve this goal an employer should demonstrate a healthy leadership quality and motivate their employees by setting clear expectations like how work should be done and making sure that everyone follows the rules and policies set by the organization.

The quote “Happy employee ensures happy customers” is very true as a happy employee is much more creative and productive as compared to their unhappy or stressed counterparts. Therefore every organization should strive to achieve employee satisfaction to make a great and positive work environment. A happy and satisfied employee works with passion and dedication. This means happy employees not only make for a great workplace but also contributes to the success of the organization by taking the organization forward with their hard work.

A person spends the majority of the time working. If they are unsatisfied with their work it means they are spending a majority of their time being unhappy which affects their mental health. Fortunately, things are changing now and companies are understanding the impact of a satisfied employee on the growth of an organization. Progressive employers have taken the lead to change the traditional work environment to a workspace that focuses on the importance of employee benefits.

So what exactly are employee benefits?

 Employee benefits are financial or non-financial compensation paid to an employee exclusive of their salary or wages. Some benefits are required by the law like medical insurance, travel benefits etc. while some employers voluntarily provide some benefits like flexible working schedules, paid vacation etc.

Let’s look at some smart ways to step up employee benefits:

Prioritize Work-Life balance

Work-life balance is the concept of balancing between “work” that includes your career and ambition on one side and “Life” which includes health, leisure and family on the other side. In the past, people were often overworked which resulted in an increasing number of stressed employees and poor quality of life. However today things have changed and organizations are prioritizing work-life balance by aiming at effective time management for employees. An employer plays a major role in helping employees achieve work-life balance. Organizations should encourage managers and team leaders to focus on productivity rather than the working hours of each employee. Frequent meetings should be conducted to get feedback about the working culture so that employees get a chance to discuss any issue they face. Even the most committed employee needs time away from their job to take a break and relax from the work pressure. Therefore companies should encourage vacation time and flexible working hours so that employees can unwind themselves and return to work more motivated and productive.

Be transparent and honest with your employees

One of the best employee benefits that you can give is being transparent and honest with your employees. By automating HR processes like performance management, attendance management, payroll etc. companies are being transparent with their employees. With the use of this software, employees have access to their personal dashboard where they can find company policies, their performance ranking, attendance and leave reports etc. Companies should have transparent communication, not only regarding the success of their business but also the areas of improvement. This way employees feel like a part of the big picture. Employees who feel valued in their organization tends to perform better.

Recognize and reward employees for their progress and good performance

Who doesn’t like being recognized and appreciated for the good work they do? Though healthy criticism and honest feedback guide employees to perform better, it is also great to appreciate your employees for the progress they have shown in their work as it boosts their confidence. Appreciate their work with small rewards. Small but frequent rewards keep your employees motivated to perform better.

Provide Perks-

Going above the normal and basic employee benefits that all companies provide, you can also provide some creative perks to ensure a high level of employee satisfaction. Some of these include free meals, disability insurance for employees and their families, paid vacations, remote working options, student loan benefits, team bonding activities, Office picnics etc. Companies can also encourage employees to stay fit by providing fitness perks like gym memberships. It is very important to provide these perks so that your employees understand that you truly care about them and their families.

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Trust your employees 

Though micromanaging might tempt many organizations, it is not always the right way to track your employee’s performance. Micromanagement can be stressful and annoying for employees and also damages employees’ trust. Instead of micromanaging companies can shift to HRMS software to keep a track of employees’ performance and attendance. This way employees have a clear idea of their goals, objectives and their deadlines. This creates transparency within the organization.

Support Innovation- 

Encouraging employees to express their ideas can help your organization as innovation is a critical aspect of the development of a business. Encouraging workspace innovation not only helps you reach the top but also creates a happy environment. Employees feel valued and this helps in employee satisfaction and retention.

Provide user-friendly tools- 

Many companies overlook this process and stick to the old traditional way of getting things done. But with the advancement in technology, the use of software has become a necessity. Many processes like onboarding, training, attendance/leave management can be automated to ease the work of your HR department as well as the employees. Tons of paperwork can be avoided and employees can save their time. This creates a good employee experience.

Enhance your work environment-

A person spends the majority of his/her time in the office. The infrastructure of a workspace plays a major role in reducing stress and motivating employees.

Having a clean and fun work environment is something that everyone looks forward to. Providing dedicated areas like a break room for taking a break from work, canteen to have a quick bite, training room etc. is something that companies should focus on. In today’s world, even start-up companies give utmost importance to the infrastructure of the workspace to satisfy the biggest assets of an organization, the employees.

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What is the importance of employee benefits in an organization?

Employees are the backbone of an organization. Therefore employee benefits are crucial in achieving the goals and objectives of an organization. Employee benefits lead to happy employees and happy employees help an organization in the following ways:

  • Attract better employees– A good candidate has many options to choose from for employment. Offering good employee benefits will attract the best candidates which in turn will help in the growth of your organization.
  • Increased loyalty– Offering benefits to employees make them more loyal towards the organization and motivate them to work harder. Loyal employees tend to stay longer in an organization, therefore, helping in employee retention.
  • Dissatisfied employees quit– Employees who are not satisfied with their work tend to quit their job for another one. This leaves a bad impression on the company. Offering good employee benefits means happy employees. Happy employees work harder and strive for the growth of the organization.
  •  Increased Focus and productivity– Lack of employee benefits demotivates employees and impacts their overall performance. Not providing benefits like paid leaves, health insurance makes employees worry about their personal issues. This impacts their work and employees find it difficult to focus on their work. On the other hand, when employees are given good benefits they do not have to worry about other issues and can be more productive in their work.


Unlike old times, employees today expect benefits from their employers for their health, financial security and work-life balance. Due to the competition to attract the best candidates, employers are providing exciting perks to attract the best candidates. But choosing the best employee benefits that fit your organization is very important. After all the key to successful business does not only mean attracting the best customers but ensuring that your employees are happy and well taken care of.

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