5 Virtual Christmas Celebration Ideas for Remote Workers

Virtual Christmas Celebration Ideas
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Working remotely from home is the new norm right now. As Christmas is approaching, better are getting even sadder that they won’t be getting any Secret Santa this year. Well, don’t you worry, we have you covered! Even though there are a lot of benefits of working from home, and studies have shown that 99% of people responded that they would love this flexibility in the future too! That is indeed a staggering number. But with the millennials dominating the workforce, it should not really come as a surprise.

With Christmas just around the corner, all the employers are wondering how they can celebrate it remotely. It is the time of the year where normally everyone would participate in the office since they know they will get a secret Santa gift. Nobody wants to miss out on that, even if they are working remotely. We have two words to solve your dilemma- Virtual Christmas!

What Is A Virtual Christmas Party?

A Virtual Christmas party is spreading the joy with your colleagues virtually on an online conference. There are various online platforms where such conferences can be conducted such as Skype or Zoom. Virtual conferences allow people to talk to each other by providing both video and audio options. It’s almost as though you are sitting face-to-face with everyone. It allows everyone to interact, connect, and develop social skills.

Why Choose It?

In these trying times, it is very critical that we make ourselves believe that nothing has changed and life is just as it used to be. It is very important to stay positive and not let the virus stop us from spreading joy. By conducting a virtual Christmas party, everyone can get their happy mode on and experience a new kind of celebration.

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Organizing the party can be very easy, you just have to keep in mind what games and team-building exercises you want to incorporate. Below given are 5 ways in which you can make the party a hit!

  • Send Assorted Gift Boxes To Your Team

One of the best ways to get your employees into the Christmas mood is by sending them a small box of assorted items such as chocolates, candies, personalized stationaries, etc. This can be sent to them a week before Christmas to get them excited for the virtual party even more. It is the thought that counts, therefore receiving the surprise gift would make everyone feel more appreciated and happy.

  • Team Building Games

Since most of the people are not used to talking on video conferences, they usually just keep quiet and wait for the meeting to end. The main problem is that everyone is open to talking, which leads to confusion. Creating a game where everyone gets a chance to speak and play can make them feel more excited and included. Playing party games will help the employees to bond with each other and feel more open.

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  • Online Carol Singing

Christmas and singing carols go hand in hand. Obviously, not all of us are born great singers, many are bathroom singers at best. But in the fun holiday mood, you can ask everyone to sing their favourite songs or play them on any instrument. Or you can assign everyone with a song and ask them to perform it at the virtual Christmas party.

  • Decorating Contest

Christmas is all about lights and decorations. So what if you can’t decorate your office desks? You can always decorate your house’s background or the place where you usually sit and work at home. Or a cookie decoration contest can be held, and the winner can be rewarded with a prize, which will ensure that everyone participates in the contest.

  • Organize Virtual Team Dinner

Eating with colleagues and bonding over food is one of the most important traditions of Christmas. You can host a dinner party where the menu can either be decided, with different kinds of dishes and beverages that go with Christmas, such as cookies and cake. The idea of team outings is always to improve the bond between the employees, and what better way to bond than over food!


The fact that we can’t celebrate Christmas this year face-to-face, is no reason as to why we should miss out on such a joyous occasion. Christmas can be celebrated remotely in many ways, depending on the company’s work-culture and available resources. It is crucial to organize the virtual party well in advance so that no difficulties are faced on the main eve. Kick-starting the coming year positively is very important to make everyone feel like nothing has changed. Thus, organizing a virtual Christmas party can surely help in doing so!

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