Ultimate Guide to Track Attendance of Remote Employees

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Keeping in mind the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, businesses started allowing employees to work remotely. But, tracking hours of remote workers are difficult! Hence, the best practice to calculate working hours of staff is to have a proper and reliable system which streamlines the time-capturing process.

Once you know the trick to track attendance and keep remote employees engaged, then work from home employees can have a positive impact on your business.

With the help of cloud-based HR software, the human resource team can easily track and manage the attendance of remote employees. Take a look at this ultimate guide to keep an eye on attendance of a remote workforce!

It is useful for calculating payroll of remote employees and track absentees in a week or in a day with their reasons for absence. This makes attendance processing a breeze for the HR team as it provides accurate details for faster payroll. Good tool to avoid errors and delay in salary disbursement!

This software helps managers and team leaders to monitor how much time a remote employee spends on a specific task. They can get a better idea of what they’re up to during working hours. Use this system to understand what projects they worked on and how long it took them.

  • Time tracking software

Investing in a time tracking management system decreased the time spent on manual time tracking and task management as the system does it for you. Generally, it shows how many hours a day each remote team member is working.

All these tools help employer not only to manage attendance, but also they can easily measure employee performance, engagement and productivity of their remote workforce. Contact Pocket HRMS, a cloud-based HR solution, to avail 15 day free trial of HRMS modules and manage the productivity of remote employees.


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