Do Working from Home decrease Productivity?

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As working from home is now becoming a common practice for all companies at very corner, there have been a lot of concerns whether it is right for long period or should think about alternatives? Work from home has always been a hot topic for businesses. What is future? What are the benefits of WFH to employees? What are its effects on employers? And so on…

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So, if you want to know whether working remotely (from home to be specific) is safe in terms of productivity or not, you have come to the right page.

This blog will discuss effects of ‘work from home’ on a business/ employer and employee’s performance:

  • +1.4 days/month

Many studies suggest that remote workers tend to work for extra 1.4 days a month. Extra time is the first positive point for working from home. More than a day extra worked by an employee while working from home can be very advantageous and productive for a business if utilized.

  • Work-Life

Many employees working from home complain about disbalanced work-life. Often, they fail to maintain a schedule of working at home, which later brings work to personal matters. Taking breaks, walks, maintaining task list for day can help in having a better work life balance while remote working.

  • Learning opportunity

Working from home brings in a lot of extra minutes saved. Time saved at commuting and physical meetings brings in best opportunity to learn an extra. Few more skills through online courses can add best value to your free time.

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  • Less expense for employers

Since, now office space is vacant, no AC, no lights, no lift, and no coffee dispensers, employers save a huge with every single day. Remote working doesn’t only benefit the employee but also business owners.

With right measures taken, remote working can be very beneficial. To know more how a business can tackle remote working right way, read our newest blogs here!

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