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Employee Pulse Survey
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What are the pulse surveys?

Employee pulse surveys are one of the tools to get employee feedback questions for factors like employee engagement. It can be used to measure any aspect of the company. It is a set of fewer questions sent to employees regularly and is recently gaining popularity.


Why Use Employee Pulse Survey

It’s important to check what your staff thinks on the regular basis. this can be some recently implemented company culture changes or some ongoing issues. Knowing what your employees think can help you make some quick corrective steps.

Many companies still use an annual engagement survey to get an idea about what their staff is thinking but that is not enough. The opinion of the workforce about certain issue keep changing over time and the pulse surveys are the right tool to get a complete idea.

A couple of employee engagement surveys, will not present a complete picture. While you wait for the annual or the biannual survey cycle some of the challenges may escalate and become a major reason for employee turnover.
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What makes Employee pulse survey effective?


pulse surveys are much shorter in length than an employee engagement survey. The annual employee feedback has to be extensive as it’s done only once a year. On the other hand, the frequency makes it essential for the pulse survey to be made shorter in the length. Pulse survey can be anywhere between 1-15 survey questions. Ideally, the length of the pulse survey should be inversely proportional to the frequency they are being conducted.



an employee pulse survey can be used more frequently as they are shorter in length. this helps to keep track of the progress on a particular issue or changing opinions of your staff.



pulse survey can be done frequently and you can use it in a sequential manner to understand changes in the opinion of the workforce on a specific subject. Here you get the live updates on the concerned issue rather than relying on months-old data.



The pulse survey can be comprised of questions about some specific aspect, challenge or implementation of the changes in the company. That makes the survey questions very focused and concise in nature.


Advantages of Pulse Software

As employees feel more involved in the company issues through regular pulse surveys they are likely to feel more engaged. When people are engaged at work they are more likely to be more satisfied and productive.

Engaged employees are often the high performers in the company and since they are satisfied with their work they are also likely to stay in the organization longer. this way the pulse surveys decrease the turnover rate and help to retain top talent in your staff.

Listening to your employees helps to form a healthy and happy work culture. It also promotes open communication in the company. The workforce feels motivated to put more effort into their work and ultimately and overall output increases.

Pulse surveys can be able to give you a more relevant response than normal engagement surveys. As the employee feedback is taken regularly you get insights into the current situation and gather more relevant data. This will help you keep your employees motivated throughout the year.

The pulse surveys are very short which makes them very easy to implement and encourages greater participation. It also shows that your value your employees. The responses tend to be honest and more willing to give their feedback.


Where can we use pulse surveys?

Engagement surveys are better done with the pulse survey as they got a very sharp focus and can get to the crux of the matter rather than getting an overview of everything concerned about the work and workplace. Pulse surveys allows you to understand various work-related factors from an employee’s perspective. What employees think about the type of projects and the resources they are using is likely to give you an insight into employee satisfaction.

You can use pulse surveys on regular basis to understand if the workforce and effort are aligned with company values. A strategically planned series of pulse surveys are a great tool to stay updated with the employee’s response to the implementation of new changes in policies. Honest feedback you gather helps to take the corrective steps immediately. These minor issues won’t get a chance to be a full-blown disaster before you realise it.


how to write pulse survey questions?

A pulse survey is different from the annual employee engagement surveys. They are more focused and shorter to increase participation and effectiveness. To get a good survey chose your questions accordingly with the below guidelines.



The survey questions should be relevant for all the respondents. Do not target the questions to the particular team in the company if you are sending the same set of questions to your entire staff. In case the survey questions do not resonate with them, most of your staff is likely to skip the survey. When this happens you do not get the necessary information you were aiming to gather from it.


Define Objective

while conducting a survey most important part is to decide what is the aim of the pulse survey. The objective of the survey will direct the type of questions to be included in the survey. This helps to ask more precise queries so you get the exact information you need to know.


Create Questions

It’s easy to buy an easy to use pulse-survey questions and finish the entire process faster. Bit these questions may not be equally effective as they are not designed with particular conditions of your company in the mind. To get the most relevant information out of the survey include the questions that are most relevant to the topic you are addressing with your workforce. This will also help your staff to give better and more honest responses.


Decide Length

When it comes to the pulse surveys the shorter si the sweeter. But the exact number of questions to be included in the survey depends on the topic and what you what to achieve or find out with the questions.


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How to conduct a Pulse Survey?

If you want to get the desired output from the pulse survey you should keep a few things in mind while conducting a survey. Following are some guidelines that can help you to get it right.


The frequency

The frequency with which you send out the survey is important to the impact you want to get from it. To decide the right frequency you need to consider a few aspects first. For example, how often is the factor or the opinion about a particular issue likely to change? The frequency can be ranging from weeks to months but should not come across as too much or lose the impact due to insufficiency.



The data you gather has to be measurable and be analysed easily. Instead of asking all open-ended questions, you can give some multiple choice questions or rating scales to make the responses comparable. This also makes the analysis and implementation of the results.


Give the information

if you are planning to conduct a p[ulse survey you should inform people about it in advance. Tell them some basic information like what is the objective of the survey, who is supposed to respond to it and what is estimated length. If you have the survey scheduled at a particular time it is a good idea to let them know so they can keep that window open.


Share Results

A pulse survey is a tool for employee engagement and so is transparency. When you share the findings it sends the message that you care about their responses. When you employees see that you genuinely want to know employee feedback you are likely to witness higher response rates in a future time. Sharing results is a way to let employees know the reasons behind your future decisions.


Take Action

The motive of pulse surveys is to focus on the most important issues from the employee perspective and take appropriate action. This makes your pulse survey more meaningful. The action help you to convey that you value your employees. The employees should be able to see the action in real-time. if you ask your employees to answer a lot of questions and never check their opinion, the purpose of the survey won’t be served.



A pulse survey is a short questionnaire. It is focused on a particular aspect such as company culture, recent changes or employee opinion on the recent development. The survey can help you to enhance the employee experience if you do it right. Pulse surveys make employees feel more valued at the workplace as their opinion is given the imp[ortatnce.’

A pulse survey is a tool to get the perspective of the employees or their opinion on challenges at work place in real time. The pulse surveys allow you to take a peek into the current scenario at your office. There are many issues that might go unnoticed with the usual annual survey but pulse surveys help you to identify them before it is too late. To make the pulse surveys defective you need to carefully design the question and plan the survey as described above.

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