Transport management for employees during Lockdown

Transport management
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On the very good morning of 15th April 2020, the MHA had released some guidelines to be followed in the lockdown 2.0. Some industries got the freedom to function with a limited workforce at the office.

Yet, this was a big relief to labours and companies in India, there were also some challenges to come. Challenges like health precaution for employees, social distancing at workplace and commutation.

Since companies are functioning employees had to travel and reach the location. Also, the WHO guidelines need to be followed at same time. What does it say? Running vehicles must function with a maximum 50% of its capacity. For e.g. A 4-seater vehicle must acquire a maximum of 2 people until the virus gets completely vanished.

What measures can be taken in transport management for employees travelling amidst lockdown?

  • Avoid public transport

With almost anything and anyone getting infected these days, we may not know who in your bus or train may be infected positive with COVID-19. Also, with the arise of the asymptomatic corona, it can be very harmful to travel by public transport or be around large number of people.

Companies must try to call only those employees who own a car or bike. This helps lower the chance of employee getting infected while commuting to their office.

  • Share your cab

Not every employee owns a car. Think about an employee who has to visit the office and do not have his own vehicle! Employees travelling from the same place, and if any one of them has a car, the problem can be solved. Also, don’t forget the limitation of human capacity while lockdown.

  • Arrange a company vehicle

Other than these, arranging a car or bus for your employees can prove an even better option. Also, companies cannot function with more than 50 percent of the workforce. So, number of bus is not an issue.

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Last words-

Try to keep the working population as lower as possible. Take necessary WHO measures and avoid any wrong activity like mass gathering. While working at office, keep washing your hands and eat right!

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