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Top Hot Jobs
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Recruiters and industry experts expect a steep rise in the demand for workforce across diverse sectors in the coming years. So what jobs would prove to be the hottest in 2018? Here is a quick rundown on some of the best jobs to look out for this year. Buckle up and attune your resume.

  • Data Analytics

With both large and small businesses aiming to fortify their footmark in technology, entry-level employment opportunities for data analysts are sure to go up exponentially in 2018. These jobs would call for a shrewd mix of both analytical and mathematical skills. With data availability expected to burgeon at a rapid pace, data analysis has become a quintessential procedure for every business.

  • Digital Marketing Experts

With more and more businesses joining the race of beefing up their online presence to meet the burgeoning demand amidst the steep rise in the number of people accessing Internet, it is extremely critical for businesses to have digital marketing leaders. In fact, a whooping number of companies across diverse industry verticals are bolstering their digital marketing teams and the profile of digital marketing head is gaining traction gradually. It is also perceived as a stable career option and talent is scarce as well. Being a budding sector, relevant work experience is more important than educational qualifications here.

  • App Developers

According to new stats from eMarketer, the number of smartphone users will exceed 2 billion in 2018 globally. Surprisingly, more than one-quarter of the global populace will be using smartphones in 2018. It is a sure-fire sign for increased mobile app adoption thus, opening new avenues for mobile app developers. In addition, with IT organisations bolstering their mobile offerings and Start-up India campaign gaining good traction in the country, the demand for product and app developers is expected to shoot up exponentially.

  • Marketing and Sales Mavericks in E-commerce Sector

The e-commerce sector is expanding at warp speed, opening up loads of employment opportunities for young guns across the country. Businesses operating in the e-commerce sector are on the lookout for young and dynamic talents to drive their sales and marketing campaigns. The sector is also witnessing a surge in the demand for talents across delivery, logistics, distribution and supply chain.

  • Skilled Technicians and Engineers in Manufacturing Sector

With the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative gaining massive acceptance and traction, both privately and state run manufacturing companies are expected to ride high on hiring spree. Skilled technicians along with electronic engineers and mechanic engineers in manufacturing companies and factories will be in great demand this year. Eureka! With the rollout of Seventh Pay Commission, salaries for people working in the manufacturing sector are deemed to go up.

Though all these aforementioned jobs might vary in several aspects, they have one great thing in common i.e., they are expected to be in great demand in 2018 and years to come. So it’s that time of the year to make the right move if you are looking for a career swap or are starting afresh.

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