Top 8 Things Employees Care the Most About at Work

Things Employees Care
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As a manager, one should always be aware of what their employees care the most about in their work-place. The more important the employees feel, the more engaged they will be to their work and the organization. They will feel a sense of leadership, and that feeling will empower them to be innovators, champions, and problem solvers too as they will feel proud of working in that particular organization.

Contrary to what many employers think, when it comes to work satisfaction, incentives are only a little part of what the employees want and expect from the organization. Making sure that the employees feel valued and important it is very crucial as they are the most important of any company.

Below are the top 8 things the employees expect from their company-

Sympathetic Ear

Anyone, no matter the gender, wants to be heard and understood. Every employee wants their manager to take more interest in their life apart from just the work reports. The managers can lend a sympathetic ear, and arrange a one-on-one conversation with their employees. During this conversation, the managers or leaders should take an interest and ask the employee about their career progression, hopes, and if they are having any issues in the office or otherwise.

Ask if they are comfortable with their job role, or if there is anything you can do to make it better for them. Provide them with the comfort to give you realistic feedback. When managers spend time listening to their employees’ goals and problems, it deepens the bond between the employee and the company, and they tend to work in the company for a longer time.

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Feeling appreciated is a feeling that one wants from everyone, but especially in the work-place. This doesn’t necessarily mean that employees want monetary rewards such as gifts or paid trips, it can also mean that they simply want to be verbally appreciated for their hard work. Moreover, being appreciated in front of everyone raises the morale of the employees.

This can be done by writing the employee of the month or week on a board or forwarding an email to everyone about it.

Security & Stability

One of the most important things that any employee considers is the credibility of the organization they are going to join. They need the affirmation that it is secure to join and they won’t be left jobless abruptly. They want to be ensured that they will receive a steady pay check for the work that they are doing.

Transferrable Skills

In addition to the training an employee receives from their organization, they are always keen to learn more. They want their company to be supportive and prepare them for any kind of other skills that another organization might require from them in the future. Thus, skill-building is one of the most crucial opportunities that any organization should offer.


Many employees have accepted that the first thing that they look for in a company is if it can go with their personality. Having a work-culture that suits you is very important in making the employees feel positive and boost their morale.

There are different kinds of people all around the world. Some are introverted, others are extroverted. So, depending on their nature and personality, every employee wants to work for an organization that suits their personality.

Goals Alignment

It is very essential that an employee’s goals and values should be aligned with the company that they are hoping to work for. Working for a company is more than just working the given hours and going back home and forgetting about it. Every employee wants to invest in the company, and vice-versa. Thus, making sure that the company’s aspirations and targets are similar to those of the employees is very crucial. Thus, employee management!


Every employee wants feedback from their manager, be it positive or negative. They want to know where they are succeeding and where they are lacking. Every worker wants to be challenged in what they are doing, otherwise, they will lose interest in their work. Thus, giving regular feedback is what every employee wants from their manager.


Last but not the least, every employee wants their career graph to keep on increasing. No one wants to work in a role where they will be stuck for a long-time doing the same thing. Thus, employees want the company should give them the opportunity to grow and move to higher positions, whilst learning and exploring new opportunities.


Whether it is a person’s first job or last job, there are some criteria that they will always keep in mind before joining any organization. If a company wants to attract top-skilled and experienced candidates, they should make sure that they have whatever the employee needs.

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