Top 5 Ways to Improve New Hire Experience [Remote Hiring]

New Hire Experience
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Research shows that the most productive time of an employee is the first six months of their employment. This means that the employer has that duration to engage, train, and build relationships with the new hire.

Onboarding is not a strong suit for a lot of companies, and after the pandemic, it has become all the more challenging as all employees are working remotely from their homes.

Though there is not a lot of difference in remote employee onboarding and in-person onboarding, special attention should be paid to the employee’s needs as well as their sense of safety and well-being.

Top 5 remote onboarding ways to improve the new-hire experience-

  • Be welcoming-

Working from home can be awkward for people who are shy and introverts in general life. Managers need to go out of their way to ensure that the employee is comfortable and is confident enough to speak up or give new ideas.

You can also schedule a video-conference of the new hire with the existing employees, where, everyone can introduce themselves and explain their role in the company. You can also ask other employees to leave a greeting message on the new hire’s mail id.

  • Help Them Build Connections-

Whether it’s an introduction or lunch with the team members, friendships and bond are essential for employee retention. Ask your best employees to help the new hires with whatever they need and be a good mentor to them.

Providing the new joiner with a mentor will increase their confidence, and will improve the comfort level with the organization. A mentor, or a peer buddy can leave a lasting positive impact on the productivity, and retention of the new hire.

  • Create A Work-Flow-

Put a work plan in order with a number of important tasks that have to be accomplished by the employee. Assign targets to increase productivity, such as a task that has to be completed within a certain period of time.

Getting new employees up to speed and well versed in your company is a must. They should know what the organization is about, and what is expected out of them. Take out a two-week training program that makes them understand the organizational structure, the hierarchy, and core technologies.

Apart from this, the seniors of the company can deliver a speech once a week, talking about their experience and expertise in the industry.

  • Role of The Manager-

A Manager plays an important role in the process of making the new hire familiar with the work culture. Studies show that managers can promote positivity and help the newcomer in adjusting to the new work environment. Therefore, it is important that to make the onboarding process effective, the company should not only look at the experience of the new hire but also the manager or mentor being provided to them.

The managers should share the team goals, management style, and performance appraisal system in order to help the new hires understand the priorities, and what is expected of them.

The manager can help in team building by a lot of ways like-

  • Keep reminders to set meetings with new hires at regular intervals.
  • Create opportunities for two-way communication and welcome the feedback of the new hire positively.
  • Put a proper structure in place to ensure engagement from the new hires.
  • They should appreciate the new hires for a job well done. A new performance management system can be made, where the deserving employees get appraisals.

Showing interest in a new employee will go a long way, as the employee will feel important and welcome.

  • Pre-Board New Hires-

Once the person has accepted the offer, don’t start taking them for granted. If the new hire feels ignored or not valued, they can always join another firm from a more encouraging competitor. For instance, if you get the paperwork of the new hire done ASAP, you can send over the company-issued laptop, smartphone, monitors, and other equipment that your firm provides to the new hire before their first day.

Being a newbie at work may seem daunting.

Let the remote hires be comfortable and familiar with the methodology, principles, and procedures of your company. This can be done by online orientation, where you can also explain to them the history of the company, use graphs to show your growth rate, and make them understand the policies of the company.

Nowadays, the companies can’t just get by with providing the new hire basic benefits, like health insurance and PTO. They have to go over and beyond, to make sure that the employee feels they are an important part of the organization.

You can also offer new hire career development programs. If they feel that there is going to be a growth in the graph of their career progression, they are more likely to stay in the company longer than anticipated.

Managers can draw up individual career growth charts for new hires and discuss and guide them as to what they can do further, to ace in their career.

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