Top 5 HR Software Trends Continue to Rule in 2020

HR Software Trends
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We have just stepped into the year 2020 and every organisation is looking forward to implement their strategies to move ahead in this competitive world. With new data and advanced technologies, HR now has the power to revolutionise how organisation work. Don’t stick to your traditional HR practices else you may lose out many great opportunities to reach the next level.

Some companies are most likely already familiar with some of these top HR software trends, but they also need to embrace them to make their HR team ready for the coming future. Jot down these top 5 HRMS technology trends and know where you stand now as it helps HR people to frame the healthy work culture. So, let’s go to the topic without further delay!

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Below are top 5 HR software trends which will continue to rule human resource sector in 2020:

  • Cloud based HRMS Technology

Cloud based HRMS software helps HR personnel to store all necessary data on cloud servers. Human resource can easily access this data online with actionable insights. Today, HRMS solution comes up with an employee self-service portal where company staff can access and update their data on the go without bothering HR department.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It’s one of the hottest HR trends since last couple of years because it helps HR professionals to understand their staff in a better way and identify problems well in advance. AI works for HR to increase employee engagement and build more productive work environment. Artificial intelligence can analyse the historical data and recommend the best solution to resolve and/or identify problems. HR people can take help of AI to develop employee management programs based on intelligent data.

  • HR analytics

It’s a bliss for the HR team as it makes payroll data easy to understand and give detailed information about employee benefits, taxation, rewards, etc. Many cloud based payroll software systems have the option to customize dashboards. The biggest benefit of HR analytics is to create and manage HR MIS Reports with an automated payroll solution.

  • Virtual Reality (VR)

This HR software trend has immense potential to make the human resource sector more progressive. It guides recruiter to know whether the candidate would be the best fit for the organisation or not. VR revolutionizes employee engagement for remote workforces. With virtual reality, it is possible to conduct performance reviews, conferences, meetings and presentations for global staff.

  • HR wearables

Wearable technology is trending nowadays, be it smart bands, smartwatches or fitness trackers.  HR wearables give a new dimension to staff management and help HR to gather data pertaining to employees on the run. The Human resource team can get vital health insights about their employees so that they can design suitable health programs to ensure employees’ well-being. Integrating wearable technology with HRMS software is a big relief for HR!

HR professionals must take note of these top 5 HR Software trends 2020 to empower their employees and build a more productive and healthy workforce. To know more about HRMS software trends, simply write to us at


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