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Enhance Employee Experience
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An employee’s enjoyment activities should be more about the heart, than the brain. The managers are usually loaded with work and keep busy, which makes the employees feel withdrawn. In this situation, enhancing employee engagement is very unlikely.

Activities are an amazing way to involve and engage the employees and show them that is important.

11 sure-fire ways to improve the employee’s engagement:

Introduce a Performance Management System

The employees are the pillar of the organization. They arrive first, they leave last. Every company has employees who give more than optimal performance and are great team members. Such employees surely deserve some reward, as an appreciation goes a long way.

Create performance appraisal systems to reward their hard work. Recent studies have shown that the majority of employees leave the company because of a lack of appreciation. Recognizing their achievement and hard work, by employee performance appraisal in front of everyone can raise their morale.

This will also create a positive atmosphere and encourage healthy competition. With high motivation, and appreciation comes better engagement and happiness, which in turn helps in retaining the employees. Therefore, introducing a performance management system, is a genius way to show the deserving employees that their hard work is not going unnoticed.

You can build up certain rules and guidelines, according to which the employee will be rewarded. The reward doesn’t necessarily have to be money, it can also be an award or display of their name company’s dashboard. You can decide on what basis the employee will be selected, for example, staying late doesn’t always show productivity.

Let everyone know, what a champion they are!

Frequent Potlucks

A potluck is basically a gathering to eat together, where all individuals contribute to various kinds of food, normally homemade, which is shared with everyone else. Organizing a potluck is less about what food everyone is bringing, and more about improving the bond by breaking bread with your fellow colleagues.

As far as a potluck is concerned, there is no hassle, as one has to simply bring food. It is an inexpensive option, simply put together, which brings a feeling of shared culture, and brings out positive vibes in everyone.

Also, it helps in maintaining the balance of work-life and personal life. When employees eat together, it improves their dynamic, as they get a chance to know each other on a more personal level, which in turn helps in team building.

Work from Home Allowance

You can assign one day of the week as work from home day for your employees, preferably Wednesday. Allowing this has several benefits. Firstly, it provides a healthy work-home life balance. Secondly, working comfortably in your home clothes is forever going to be a great idea.

Obviously, not all organizations can afford work from home every week, so instead you can make it once a month.

Celebrate the milestones

The employees are less likely to be involved if they feel that their workplace is without any emotions. Try celebrating the milestones of your employee’s life. Sing Happy Birthday with everyone, celebrate when an employee completes one year in the organization, decorate their seat when achieve a worthy goal.

These are small gestures but can go a long way!

Volunteering for A Cause

To be the reason for someone else’s smile is always an overwhelming feeling. When employees will take a part in bringing joy to needy people, it will boost their morale and bring a sense of positivity. You don’t need a PR agency, or a huge budget to do good deeds.

Simply spending a day in an orphanage, or an old age house, talking to them, playing with them, is more than enough. The options are endless, go ahead, and do your bit!

Nap Time

You know that feeling when you have just had your lunch, and your eyes can’t seem to stay open? Well, everyone does. Providing employees with a certain amount of time for a power nap is a great idea.

As it is, they will not be productive if they are sleepy, therefore, a power nap can do wonders!

Office Outings

Office outings are engaging, fun and an amazing way to bond with others. Organizing an office trip annually can do wonders for team building, and employee engagement.

Anxiety Party

Yes, you read it right. It is exactly as it sounds. Once in awhile, gather around each other, and share your fears and anxieties. Normally people are hesitant when it comes to sharing their weaknesses, but if done properly, everyone can encourage each other and spread positivity.

Brainstorming Sessions

A lack of new ideas is surely going to run your business to the ground. Many employees might have amazing ideas, but they keep it to themselves if they don’t have a proper outlet. Conducting brainstorming sessions every week can prove to be effective for both, your employees, and your company.


Studies show that most of the employees want feedback, be it positive or negative. If it’s positive, it can boost their morale, if not, they can improve those areas in which they are lacking.

Side Projects

Encourage your employees to pursue side projects. One of the various benefits of side projects is that it helps a person to think outside the box, therefore gets their creative juice flowing.

Engaging your employees in activities might seem like a dreadful task, but try to incorporate the above ideas, and surely it is going to enhance the experience of the employee.

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