Top 10 Qualities an HR Must Have [HR Expert Guide]

Qualities an HR Must Have
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Outstanding HR managers can surface at any level. Whether they are a tenured manager who handles training, or an entry-level recruiter with a knack to hire a skilled employee, remarkable human resource managers leave a lasting positive impact in their workplace.

Day to day we see HR managers who discover amazing talent at the core of a skill-set lack and plan competitive strategies to retain the top performers, organize development and training programs, create recognition programs to motivate employees, and much more.

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When we regularly interview HR managers in the organizations, we can see that almost all the top and skilled HR leaders share the same characteristics.

We have accumulated the top 10 qualities found in outstanding HR managers, that are-

Great at Communicating-

Highly productive HR managers are strong influencers and communicators. They can provide guidance on a vast scale of HR matters and authorize new ways of handling things to improvise the organization’s processes.

They can communicate easily with managers and employees, and also facilitate changes very easily. They lend a sympathetic ear to all their employees and develop a special bond with all of them over time.

Mr. Fixit-

As the name suggests, an outstanding HR leader can fix anything and everything. They have an impeccable problem-solving capacity. HR bestows itself upon numerous complex and unforeseen legal, and management problems.

Skilled HR managers help to prevent those and deal with them fearlessly to not let the organization suffer any adverse effect.


Best HR leaders are the epitome of ethics. Since they handle plenty of sensitive issues and confidential information of the employees, such as their medical history, or legal matters, great HR managers are trustworthy and ethical possession of the company.

They not only do what is required legally, but they also keep the interests of the employees in mind, even if it may cost higher.


Great HR managers don’t work in a void, they understand their company’s strategies, take efforts to visualize the future, and align their projects, goals, and work with the needs of their organization. They know the value of high performance and try to trigger it through talent management.


Top HR leaders are extremely passionate about where they work, what they do, and most importantly their focus is always on finding talent, empowering, and developing it. They wholeheartedly enjoy their work, whether it’s differentiating in a particular area of HR, managing the function, or being a generalist.


The best HR managers design innovative approaches to attract, manage, and develop talent with the perception that to be competitive in the market, they have to stand out from the other organizations and use different strategies. They are designers, promoters, and supporters of identifying unique talent.

Future Planners-

One of the top qualities of the best HR managers is that they plan the future of their company by identifying amazing opportunities and detecting potential threats. They create strategies on how to retain the top employees, and also make positive changes to the company’s culture.

They ensure that they are ready for any challenges that will come in their way to protect the organization and stay ahead of the competitors.

Social Responsibility-

Apart from identifying a skilled employee for their organization, a great HR manager should also have a sense of social responsibility. They must push the employees to bond with each other, make sure they are comfortable and safe in the workplace.

They should organize events or sessions where all the employees can get to know each other on a more personal level.


To be an outstanding HR manager, one must have a great deal of patience. They should not lose their temper under any circumstance. When dealing with the workers, it is crucial to be a good listener, especially when an employee is speaking about their personal problems.

Quick Decision-

Human resource managers should have the ability to make a decision quickly. For instance, if there is a conflict going on between the head and the employee, and things become heated, the hr manager should be able to resolve this conflict quickly by taking a quick decision, as to what should be done.

Being mentally alert is very crucial as the manager should not get caught unaware of the situation. In work lingo, it is known as the ‘Grey Area’, which refers to a situation that is very sensitive and requires immediate action.

All the companies have strict policies on harassment, discrimination, etc., and resolving such issues comes under the role of being a good HR manager.

These are just some of the many qualities an outstanding HR manager must-have. The conclusion is that if an HR manager wants to stand out, he/she should have the ability to deliver exceptional results and outputs to their company by balancing the interest and needs of the workers and the business.

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