Top 10 Ideas to get your Workforce Super Engaged

Top 10 Ideas to get your Workforce Super Engaged
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The concept of employee engagement is catching a lot of buzzes these days. This is because there are some striking reasons that make the topic a lot more attention-worthy. A highly engaged workforce performs exceptionally well compared to disengaged staff. In addition, disengaged employees are more likely to leave the company than you think.

Turns out that employee engagement plays a pivotal role in reviving a company’s productivity and profits. For all the entrepreneurs and HR personnel, who are unaware of how to develop employee engagement, here are 10 ideas that can help you get rolling.

1. Align your business with an aim and vision: It’s highly important to align your business with an aim and vision. Your focus shouldn’t be what you do, instead, channelize it on why you do it. Ensure that your employees have something they can easily resonate with, simply put something that instigates them.

2. Have a robust plan and respect it: Ensure that your company has clearly defined objectives and all your employees are aware of the same. Create values for your business and ensure that all your strategic decisions reflect those values. If not already, then your HR strategy certainly needs a reboot.

3. Define expectations clearly: Yes, clearly define all the standards for both the teams as well as individuals. It is imperative to clarify what your people can expect from the management in terms of support, training, tools, etc. Also, keep a track of all your commitments and make sure that you are following through.

4. Avoid micromanaging and give them space: The more control your employees have in their roles and responsibilities, the more confidence and trust they will lay on their leaders. Talk about employee empowerment.

5. Nurture them: Assist every single employee in your company to become an expert. Provide them with the required training, support, software, etc. to help them hone their skills.

6. Develop trust: A dominating leader who constantly micromanages his/her people heading towards creating a highly disengaged team. Thus, it is advisable to trust your people by not being an overbearing leader.

7. Celebrate achievements: When a job is well done, make it count by little celebrations. Nothing beats a treat or two when it comes to retaining your workforce especially the top talents.

8. Let your employees move laterally within the company: At times, employees find it difficult to find a career path. So if an employee finds something else at your organization that interests him/her, let them pursue it by creating a relevant roadmap.

9. Keep the communication transparent: Make sure that all the instructions, protocols, and other crucial communications are lucid to your workforce. If possible, arm your employees with modern tech tools or apps such as an employee self-service portal app, which makes communication between management and employees a lot swift and seamless.

10. Request for feedback: Encourage your employees to share what they think about the company and its management. A good trick here is to have a survey or questionnaire.

Channelize your attention towards employee engagement, because the results are sure to multiply across every level of your organization and you’ll end up having a more efficient and productive workforce.

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