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HR Automation
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Imagine an organization without an HR. From recruiting and onboarding to the Payroll process HR takes care of all these processes to ensure a good employee experience. Therefore the HR department is a vital part of any organization. Without a proper Human resource department, an organization will fail to achieve the success it deserves. HR professionals try their best to meet the demand of the ever-evolving, digitally driven work environment. Hence the credit for a smartly managed company goes to HR.


There are various challenges that HR has to overcome like identifying and hiring the perfect candidate, engaging and retaining employees, conducting training, planning development strategies, taking care of employee health and benefits, timely and accurate payroll etc. To add to this the COVID-19 pandemic challenged the organizations and propelled the HR processes a decade in the future. 


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This is when HR automation comes to the rescue. To ease the workload of the HR department, HR software has proven to be an excellent tool. With the help of HR automation, organizations have a smooth and systematic functioning. Whether small or large, all types of businesses are adopting HR software as it reduces the manual work and gives the HR team more time to concentrate on other tasks that require manual supervision. Some of the benefits of HR automation are as follows:


Save Time

One of the main benefits of using HR software is that it saves manual labour time. Due to this HR has more time to focus on other strategies to improve business growth.


Reduce Errors

Manual entry of day to day work can lead to errors like the double-entry of the same data, missing data, wrong entry etc. This problem can be solved by automating the HR process. HR automation helps the organization eliminate manual errors. Using an attendance management system organizations can ensure error-free payroll.


High Data Security

The traditional method of storing employee data and documents in file cabinets or storage counters leaves the organisation vulnerable to leaked documents. Using HR software eliminates the problem of leaked data as all the documents are stored digitally in the cloud and ensures data security.


Better Employee Experience

The productivity of an organization increases when employees are happy and their needs are fulfilled. Focusing on good employee experience is therefore important for all organizations. HR automation helps in this by providing self-service portals for employees where they can request leave, check their leave balance and get all other information. This creates transparency between employers and employees and thus improves employee experience.


Increase in Productivity

Along with high data security and better employee experience, HR automation frees up time for the HR department and they do not have to spend a lot of time doing manual entries. This helps them concentrate on other tasks and thus improves morale and boosts overall productivity.


The Benefits of HR automation can go on and on, yet there are certain questions that employers, as well as employees, have regarding HR automation and its use.


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Here are the Top 10 FAQs on HR automation:


1. Which HR processes can be automated?

One of the very first doubts that come to mind before adopting HR Software is, which processes can be automated? The answer to this is very simple. From onboarding to offboarding, most of the HR processes can be automated. The recruitment process can be automated by using a recruitment management system. The system helps you with easy hiring template generation, scheduling interviews, onboarding, etc. It ensures candidates stay connected throughout the hiring cycle. Other processes like Attendance management, leave management, Payroll Process, Performance management, Employee training management, Task management, Expense management etc. can be automated.


2. Why should we automate HR processes?

Manual entry of various processes like attendance management or expense management can lead to errors or wrong entries. This can lead to the wrong calculation of payroll and also cause loss to the organization. Automating these processes eliminates errors and helps in the smooth functioning of the organization. HR automation also eases the workload of the HR Department.


3. Is the HR software secure?

Data security is the first thing that comes to mind while choosing HR software. Do the right research before jumping to a conclusion and choosing software. Most of the software comes with high data security. Manually keeping employee data and documents in cabinets or files is risky as there are chances of them getting misplaced or leaked. Therefore HR software is the best choice as it digitally stores all data in the cloud and ensures high data security.


4. Is HR software easy to use?

Most of the software claims to provide a wide range of features but miss on one important thing and that is ‘ease of use’. Due to this, employers, as well as employees, often find it difficult to use the software. So before selecting a software ask for a demo or use the free version to check if it suits your business and whether it is user-friendly and intuitive.


5. Can any type of company use HR software?

Yes. Irrespective of the size and type of company, all companies can adopt HR software for a smooth and systematic workflow.


6. What types of expenses can be tracked and managed by expense management software?

Expense management is the process of managing all payment-related tasks such as reviewing, tracking, approving and reimbursement of employee expenses. An Expense management software simplifies or resolves the above problems of the finance team by automating most of the processes related to business expenses. An expense management software can track expenses like medical expenses, travel expenses, accommodation expenses and Business expenses which includes rents, office supplies, software purchases, salaries and many more.


7. How do HRs recruit candidates using the recruitment management system?

Most of the recruitment management system in the market comes with an inbuilt ATS i.e. Applicant Tracking System. This helps organizations to collect information by filtering the right candidate based on their experience and skill set. Right from creating jobs to scheduling interviews, recruitment management software can be a useful asset.


8. Do all HR software support, remote working?

Not all HR software support Remote working. But the ongoing pandemic has forced many organizations to adopt remote or hybrid working. Therefore HR software that supports remote or hybrid working setup is very important. Pocket HRMS is one such software that supports remote as well as hybrid work setup and ensures a systematic approach to all processes.


9. Can the software be customized?

Yes. Most of the software is customisable and organizations can customize the software according to their requirements. It is important to check if the software is customisable and purchase software that is tailor-made for your requirements.


10. What are some features that cannot be missed in HR software?

Some important features to look for before purchasing HR software are:

  • Cloud-support
  • 24/7 available HR Chatbot
  • High Data security
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Mobile App Integration
  • Support Remote and Hybrid Work setup
  • ESS (Employee self-service) portal
  • Info rich Report and Analytics


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