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HR in this year
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Today, apps help in managing almost every business aspect and this includes human resources as well. Now for a growing business, transforming its key business operations to scale up is one of the top priorities and human resources department is no exception here.

If looking to scale or grow your HR processes or department, consider these handpicked and best practices:

     1. Keep a practical approach when selecting HR technology

There is a downpour of HRM solutions out there with some powerful features, but at the end of the day, you would want to have a solution that is scalable and dependable sufficing your growing business needs.

     2. Self service is the key

When choosing any HR technology or solution, make sure that it offers employee self service app or portal. Both the managers as well as employees must get instant access to the portal and data with optimum transparency. The self service portal is a fantastic tool to avoid bottlenecks in human resources management. For instance, employees no more have to ring the HR department or wait for long to get approval for leaves, as they can simply log in to the portal and apply for the same on the go.

     3. Training to use the system a must for your HR crew

Irrespective of how cool or powerful your solution is, it all boils down to your people who will be using the system. This calls for educating your human resources crew on how to use the system effectively. This is an integral part of HR tech implementation. You simply cannot scale up your HR team without proper education and training on the technology to be rolled-out.

Deploying new HR technology? Here’s how you can go about it.

     4. Employee comfort should be a top priority

Since it is the employees in your HR department, who will be using the system inside out, an easy to use solution will boost the adoption rate largely.

     5. Ensure a centralized hub

For a business growing at warp speed with operations spanning across multiple geographies, a centralized or a unified hub for all the payroll and HR data is a must. Ensure that the HR and payroll software houses all the data at a single place. Simply put, it has to be an all-inclusive employee management system with an easy to navigate dashboard.

     6. Let the technology grow as you scale

For a business that is growing by leaps and bounds, it is bound to outgrow on its existing systems and processes. This is why you ought to have a scalable solution that for example can on-board 100+ employees overnight with a small crew.


Implementing a new HRMS solution or software is the best time to reassess and fine-tune your human resources management processes as well. Whether you are implementing the solution for the first time or upgrading the existing one, it is an excellent time to look back at how you have been doing it.

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