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need a payroll app
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The conflict between HR and Employees has traversed a long way. When they meet, it is a war. Every company at some point gets to see a little heated discussion between the two for issues related to payroll, hike, promotion, etc.

Some HRs find a smarter way to deal with the problems, while others give a deaf ear to the naggings of employees and carry out their processes.

10 Things about Payroll you always wanted to ask!

Take the following quiz to know what kind of HR you are:

1. Payday is approaching and you keep postponing all your other tasks

A. No, I don’t postpone anything, I manage everything with ease

B. Maybe a thing or two

C. Ok, but you better don’t tell my senior

2. How many times do your employees nag about inappropriate payroll processing

A. Never

B. Sometimes, but I can handle them

C. Every time

3. How many time your payroll process gets delayed?

A. Naah, it is always ready

B. Occasionally

C. It keeps happening, so what? It is time-consuming.

4. Its payday week, but it is your best friend’s destination wedding too, you?

A. Automate the process, and spend some time on a mobile app, as you enjoy the wedding.

B. You carry your laptop and take some time out to coordinate it with other HRs

C. Ask the friend to send you a copy of the video, as you work extra hours to complete the task.

5. There is a fire in your cabin, and you lose all your employee details, you?

A. Have a chilled lemonade, winking up at a cloud or two

B. Ask IT expert for the back-up

C. Jump into the fire.

6. It is appraisal and promotion season, and you?

A. Know who and what it is going to be

B. Need to consult the manager

C. Curse evolution of apes

7. An employee took a loan from the company but resigns before the tenure, you skipped it while Full and final settlement. Now you?

A. Do get nightmares like these, but that ain’t gonna happen.

B. Panic a bit, but you have employee’s contact details

C. Wonder, if the ceiling fan can take your weight.

If you answered mostly “A”, you are:


Either you are the Superman of HRMS or you have your hands on an awesome payroll software that can help you do all your chores with ease and on time.

If your answers were mostly “B”, you are:

Mr/Ms. Smarty Pants

You are aware of the technology and wise enough to make use of it as and when needed. However, you still lag something and with smarter technology, you can do wonders as an HR.


If you answered mostly “C”, you are

The Stone Age man

You should better know it is not Stone Age anymore; it is called the age of the technology. And before someone decides to put you and your methods up in some museum you should better adapt to it ASAP with a smart and easy to use payroll software like Pocket HRMS with features like:

  • Automated payroll processing
  • Leave and Attendance Management
  • Performance tracking
  • Cloud Storage
  • Loan Management
  • Full and Final settlement
  • Mobile App

To know more about Pocket HRMS’ business solutions, contact us here. You can drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.


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