The Need To Support New Parents At Work: A Guide For Companies

New Parents
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Maternity leaves. Work flexibility. Food vouchers. Companies nowadays are going out of their ways to woo talent. But just mentioning these benefits won’t do a company any good, till they successfully act on it. As progressive as employers and employees might feel, a majority of people still believe that women shouldn’t go back to work as their families might suffer. It is high time that this myth needs to be put to rest.

Having a new child can cause significant changes in one’s life, especially in the work-life. Other than providing paid leave, the organization can support the new parent in a variety of ways to provide them job satisfaction. According to a survey, 41% of the workforce is made up of parents, and the number of single working mothers has increased by 4% in the last few years. It is crucial to make parents feel valued by providing them with a healthy and supportive environment. This contributes to increased employee satisfaction, which leads to increased productivity.

Challenges faced by the new parents in the workforce-

  • Sleep deprivation- According to studies, 76 percent of parents indicate that their sleep duration has decreased since becoming parents.
  • Job security Concerns- Parents who are sleep-deprived are le productive and make more blunders. Parents begin to take on fewer responsibilities in order to balance their work-life with their child’s needs. They may be required to work part-time or remotely at times. They believe they have missed the opportunity to grow in their careers as a result of this.
  • Financial Concerns- Having a kid might add to a family’s financial burden. Working parents must pay for daycare, which puts a financial load on them.
  • Mental Health Issues- According to a recent survey, one out of every three parents is dealing with mental health concerns. Unfortunately, both the mother and the father are affected. They avoid discussing their problems with their bosses because they believe it will harm their careers.
  • Childcare Issues- When parents return to work, they will need to hire help for their children. This increases the financial strain on parents while also reducing the amount of time they have with their children.
  • Employee Burnout- Working and raising a child might make it difficult for a parent to find time for themselves. This causes the employee to get burned out and be less productive.

Importance Of Employee Mental Welfare

How to support new parents at work

  • Enhanced Loyalty

One of the simplest ways to increase employee loyalty is to help and support new parents. If you appreciate and value them show your respect for the new parents. This, without a doubt, makes them happy and boosts employee satisfaction.

  • Low Employee Turnover

High employee satisfaction leads to low employee turnover.

  • New Skills

Parenting teaches people a variety of skills, including communication, staying calm under pressure, multitasking, and organization. These are just a few of the skills that are in high demand across the board.

  • Attracting & Retaining Top Talent

Providing for work-life balance is a crucial component of attracting top talent. Having a positive work environment might help you attract and keep top talent. Which can help the organization’s growth and achievement of its objectives.

  • Increased Productivity

A productive output is produced by an employee who is enthusiastic about their work. As a result, the organization reaps benefits from this.

  • Reduced stress

Employees that are under a lot of stress can become a liability for the firm. It is critical for the company to reduce its work stress in order to turn this liability into an asset.

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6 ways to make parent’s work-life easier

  • Easy Transition

For parents, the transition from parenthood to working full time can be a stressful time. To make it simpler for the parents to return to full-time work, the employer can provide them a four-to-six-week phasing-in period during which they can work on 70-80% of their pre-leave workload at the same pay rate. It’s also a good idea to provide counseling to parents who are returning to work. Getting assistance while making this change can make the shift go more smoothly. Employees will be more focused and involved in their work as a result of this.

  • Designated Area For Feeding

Both the infant and the mother benefit from breastfeeding. Creating a welcoming environment for breastfeeding mothers has benefited both the firm and the mother. According to a study, having a safe atmosphere for lactating resulted in a retention rate of 94.2 percent.

  • Family-friendly Work Culture

A family-friendly culture is extremely beneficial to parents. Allowing parents to spend time with their children by giving them a vacation. Giving the parent time off to attend to their child’s schoolwork or to care for them when they are unwell has been proven to be effective, as it gives the parent a sense of belonging.

  • Provide Financial Support

Having a new child might raise a parent’s financial worries. The company can provide financial aid in the form of childcare assistance, healthcare, and benefit plan adjustments.

  • Providing Childcare Area

When a person becomes a parent, they are constantly concerned about their child. It is tough for a mother to separate herself from her child. This persistent anxiety could be interfering with her work, making her less focused and engaged, and so less productive. If possible, the corporation should set up a childcare area in their office.

  • Flexible Working Hours

According to recent research, 38 percent of women are fearful of being rejected if they ask for flexible hours. The employer can alleviate this suffering by assisting the mother and providing her with flexible working hours as well as the option of working remotely.

The Gist Of It

The most essential thing to a parent is their family. It’s incredible to be a part of an institution that respects this opinion. This can help a person advance in their career, as well as in personal growth, while also assisting the company in meeting its objectives. If a corporation wants its employees to be loyal and dedicated, it must provide a supportive environment.

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