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Why is it that most of the successful organisations tend to breed a terrible workplace culture? It is because they often resort to conventional recruitment tricks overlooking the essence of cultural fit. Talent acquisition experts and recruiters ought to take out time to search for candidates who will not only get the job done, but also make the best fit for the company’s culture.


At our company, we revere innovation and customer service. This infers that everyone gets a fair and equal opportunity to innovate and contribute towards the company’s success and development. This is the reason we consider cultural fit in highest regards.


Nevertheless, the good news is that it is easy to recruit or train your HR people to hire candidates who will not only get the job done, but would also prove to be the most perfect fit for your company.


Here’s how to achieve that:


     1. Understand the core values of your company and put them to use…

Business values serve as guideposts of a company culture. For instance, if a business values winning, then that company is more likely to have a competitive workplace culture. On the other hand, if a company reveres innovation, then probably it might have a risk-taking work culture.


This is the reason it is imperative to lay down your company culture during the job interview process. Irrespective of the culture your company boasts, ensure that you identify the same and make sure that every employee in the company adheres to it.


     2. Recognise suitable candidates

Before potential recruits reach the interview process, try to look out for pointers on their resume that are aligned with your company’s culture.


For instance, if your company preaches a cutthroat work culture for success, then you might have to look out for something like, “I was the last man standing after four rounds of downsizing at my previous organisation.”


     3. Ask behavioural questions pertaining to culture

Besides asking questions to determine a candidate’s aptitude and educational qualifications, try to put forth behavioural questions based on the work culture during the interview itself. Such questions help to delve deeper into a person’s professional conducts. Not to forget, these are interactive as well as revealing.


For instance, if your company’s motto is integrity, you may well ask the candidate: “tell me a scenario when your integrity was being challenged at your workplace?”


Like this, make sure to ask a least of one behavioural question aligned to each of your business values during the job interview. This shall give you a good picture of whether the candidate is fit for your company culture or not.


What if your cultural fit decision goes wrong?

The aftermaths of a cultural fit going wrong can be detrimental for both the employees as well as business. New recruits who fail to click with their colleagues might become isolated or may cause great employees to quit. This is because great employee don’t stick for free coupons always.


Taking the time for recruiting the right employees, who share the same values as your company’s will ensure a productive and content environment for everyone in the company. And who wouldn’t love to boast not just a business, but also a culture in its own.


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