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Payroll fraud
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Payroll fraud is real. One of the most underlying and chronic problems, payroll fraud affects a staggering number of businesses worldwide. The misconduct breeds in a number of different ways, but most-oft, it occurs due to falsified and tampered timesheets. For any business, the mere thought of paying an employee for the hours he/she didn’t work at all is no less than a nightmare.

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It truly is difficult to avert payroll fraud especially if your HR department still relies on spreadsheets for timesheet management and time tracking. Though you always can set out certain preventive measures that will make it difficult for your employees to commit such fraud, embracing advanced technology or system is a robust way to stand out.

Yes, automated and cloud-based payroll software can greatly curb the incidents of payroll fraud.


One of the biggest benefits of an automated cloud-based HRMS solution is that employees are involved only when needed. And, it is impossible to steal if you lack access to the safe. Yes, an automated cloud-based HR software can manage a number of critical business functions without the need for human intervention thus, curbing fraudulent activities.

Leave management when automated with a cloud-based leave management system paves way for accurate timesheet management and eventually payroll computations. Further, the employee self-service allows employees to check leave balance, apply for day-offs, download payslips, check tax details, etc. on the go through their smartphones.

Automated payroll software can even corroborate an employee’s identity. Each time the user keys in new employee details, the software will start validating his/her ID details based on gender, birthdate, etc. using a digital verification algorithm. It will also verify bank details against account number and account type/name saving a great deal of time for HR professionals.


With cloud-based payroll software, employees, administrators and payroll managers enjoy on-demand access to relevant payroll data at any given time and from anywhere. You can also restrict access on a role basis for data confidentiality and security. The transparency offered by the software paves way for an efficient and smooth audit trail to help track several access points. This makes it increasingly difficult for the employees to commit payroll fraud.

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Gaining real-time insights and analytics about what actually is happening to your business is important. Transparent cloud-based payroll software allows filtering and sorting of data according to several fields and scenarios. More power to you when it comes to combating payroll fraud at your workplace.

Payroll undoubtedly is one of the biggest expenses for a business. For several businesses, employee expenses account for more than 50% of the overall operating expenses. Thus, we cannot deny the fact that payroll errors or fraud can result in huge losses for a company. A robust, automated and fully integrated cloud-based payroll software can help a business avert payroll fraud to a great extent. A safe when kept open will always tempt people to walk in.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for dishonesty. Nevertheless, having the right technology and tool can close the door and avert payroll theft or fraud.

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