The AI Workplace: How to Balance Employee Trust & Data Security?

AI Workplace
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While data security will always remain a concern, the employees nowadays expect a totally frictionless and plain-sailing corporate experience. With the coming of modern technology, they expect their companies to provide them with such assets or devices, such as laptops and phones. Therefore, every company needs that their workplace is secured and safe in this otherwise cloudy and borderless world.

The employees no longer have their boundaries limited only to the perimeter of their organization. With the flexibility of working from anywhere and with any device, they are using a plethora of cloud-based applications and services every single day.

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So be a default, it is imperative to ensure that all the data coming in and going out is secured. As more and more applications are being used by the employees without the approval of the IT department, restoring visibility and keeping the ownership of the official data becomes paramount.

Even though automation has brought a lot of efficiency in every company’s work culture who uses it, but also comes with a lot of baggage. Employees get scared that their personal data might be at risk and vice-versa.

Thus, the organizations can follow certain guidelines to ensure that the employees’ and the employers’ minds are at ease and they can fully utilize the new era digital workplace, such as-

Manage User IDs

In this new digital era, almost every organization is continuously evolving: new hires, mergers and acquisitions, staff turnover, mutualization, etc. The lifecycle of your employees’ identity and usage is similar, you need to keep updating it.

To be more efficient in their regular tasks, the employees should be granted access to the data that they require. So that the task can be completed quickly. To ensure security, employers can ensure that the data is password protected and can be accessed only by authorized users.

Secure Access from Anywhere

Keeping in mind the pandemic that is crippling the globe, remote work has become the new normal almost everywhere. This has led to the AI workplace transformation. This practice of working remotely comes with a lot of security risks too. To make sure that the employees feel secure working remotely, the implementation of flexible security solutions is crucial.

Limit web access by giving remote access to only the employees who actually need it. Additionally, make sure it is easily adaptable and has multi-authentication. Many organizations have taken efforts and with the help of their IT team, they have made the organization’s VPN accessible to anyone from anywhere.

To ensure security, employees have been provided with individual User IDs and passwords.

Digital Signature

Digital signatures are defined as “electronic fingerprints”. In the configuration of a coded message, the electronic fingerprints or digital signature securely link the signer with any important document as a recorded transaction. Electronic signatures make the use of an accepted and standard format know as PKI, which is an acronym for Public Key Infrastructure.

It provides an astounding level of security and is accepted universally. In today’s fast-evolving world, companies want to evolve fast too. Whether it’s contracts that can be renewed within a fraction of seconds or instant payments. Organizations are searching for modern techniques that can put the traditional paper process to rest.

Normal signature by hand has become very easy to forge, and many companies have faced tremendous consequences due to it. Using the digital sign can enhance electronic documents and authorize the signer’s identity. The organizations should provide their workers with a proper digital signature that also states their designation, with authentic timestamping.

ESS Portal

The most famous feature of AI that is doing rounds in a lot of companies is the integration of the Employee Self Service portal. The benefits of an ESS portal are wide. The employees can punch-in and punch-out their work timings from anywhere and anytime. The managers can also view the time their employees have punched, which helps to approve whether or not it is valid.

Every employee is given an individual username and password to sign in to the ESS portal. The employees can also do a number of other tasks through the portal such as leave management, payslip download, editing and uploading their documents, and many other tasks that were earlier not easy and needed HR’s approval for everything.


To conclude, Automation is truly an enormous positive phenomenon that unites and strengthens companies by engaging employees, making the work more efficient and productive than ever. Just know that AI is not here to replace humans, but it can surely lessen the burden of the HR department and save them from their mundane and routine boring tasks.

If integrated with proper security measures, AI workplace transformation can do wonders for any company and help them to succeed and grow tremendously.

To know more about how artificial intelligence can transform your workplace, read up our blogs on the Pocket HRMS website.


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