Stuck at Exit Interview? 4 TIPS to conduct

Exit Interview
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How would you rate yourself as an HR expert in workplace management? Is it 8/10 or 9? You may be very good at employee attendance tracking, hiring best talents for the workplace, performing complaint payroll or anything.

But what when it comes to conducting an exit interview? Do you try to escape such situation? Or worry about how to keep everything right and professional while interviewing an employee who is leaving – just after the full and final settlement? Let me tell you that you are not alone.

To conduct it right, you first need to know the purpose of an exit interview. Why do large organizations give exit interviews so much importance?

  • People leaving tend to say the truth
  • Workplace developments
  • Better look at work culture
  • Find loopholes at workplace
  • Better management solutions and so on…

So, if you have an exit interview scheduled in coming days, do not panic. Listed below are some best tips to follow for an easy exit interview conduction:

Plan the structure

Planning makes any task or project easy. It helps you avoid any error. If you plan to do an exit interview, it is always advisable to do face to face conversation. It creates good impact on people and creates a gesture of care.

So, plan the day and questions for the day before you actually get into it. You can conduct it in last two days of their working period.

Prepare the questions in advance

This is all about the winning and failure of interview. Right questions can help you win the objective of this interview. Below are the questions you may ask for the right conversation:

  • What point made you feel about quitting?
  • What was the best part of workplace management you observed?
  • Any suggestion on management or employee service?
  • If you were the HR, what would you change?
  • Any piece of advice to your replacement?

And so on…

What not to do?

HR or the interviewer often fail here. Always remember this is an exit interview. Keep it simple and avoid difficult or controversial questions on their last days. Try to keep the impact throughout. What are the questions you must NOT ask?

  • Who do you think must have quitted instead of you?
  • Do not get personal or share anything non-reliable
  • Do not ask for staying back with better perks (it is too late now)
  • What salary are your receiving/ looking at your new job?

Finish right

The finish will actually conclude the conversation. Right acts here can also cover up bad moments or emotional talks. Shar this contribution made as a team member. Share good points from their TL (Team lead) or colleagues.

The end must be memorable and positive.

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