Streamlining HR Communication in 2022

HR Communication
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HR communication is an important element in keeping employees engaged and motivated. With it, is possible to build an organizational culture and ensure that the core values of the company are reinforced in the day-to-day activities. It has always been important to have effective HR communication in any workplace to run the processes smoothly and maintain productivity. Now we are at a time where most of us are working in a hybrid structure and the tools that we use to communicate, as well as the way we do it, have to change to get the desired effect in our new set-up. We need to ensure that the employees are inspired to deliver their best work, whether they are working from home or the office. HR communication can be a means to express appreciation for the work that employees do for the company.


HR communication has multiple purposes to achieve, starting with employee engagement it is responsible for ensuring employee satisfaction, building good work relationships, managing employees with better effectivity and improving decision making. HR communication is also an important component of management communication, may it be about benefits, wages, training, or other policies. Good communication helps employees understand the organization’s strategy and makes them feel more involved and valued in the company. This gives them a stronger sense of connection and keeps them motivated to put in more effort at work. For any organization to succeed, it is important that communication flows freely within the organization from top to bottom and vice versa. In this blog, we will discuss a few tips that can help you ensure effective HR communication in 2022.


Internal Communication Strategy

We used to rely on communication inside the workplace to flow naturally from person to person. The interpersonal relationships at the office and the conversations among the people of the same team as well as different departments made it easier for messages to be communicated to everyone. Now, our workplace is no longer limited to an office. We need to make sure that HR communication is as effective as before in both hybrid and completely remote work models. Different ways of communicating should be found to make employees more involved and well informed. Various tools and technologies available on the market should be used to streamline HR communication.


Having a well-structured communication strategy can be a great advantage. Instead of relying on random tools and methods that you stumble on at a particular time. Give it some time and do it in a systematic way to get maximum effectiveness. The goal of communication should not be limited to conveying information but also engaging the employees. Get a proper HR communication system to increase engagement. Think about the various goals that the company has for communication and the hurdles that the current system dangles in the path. It is important to make HR communication a collective experience when the staff are so scattered. A good internal communication strategy improves employee engagement and boosts the productivity of the organization. It does not have to consist of a single method of communication. You can pick different channels of communication depending on the message and the effect you want it to have. Plus, the multichannel approach helps to get the higher affectivity with the hybrid work model that has been here to stay for a long time.


To design an effective communication strategy, you need to consider many things. The first of these is the type of working model the company is following. Are all your employees working from home or the office? or do you have a hybrid work model?  There are other arrangements too, such as having some employees work remotely while others work from the office. The messages can no longer be just a general broadcast. They have to feel a personal connection to it. Be very clear about the aim of the message that you want to communicate and evaluate whether the mode of communication or the platform chosen is right for it. Always keep in mind that to make it successful, you need to keep employees engaged.


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Face-to-face Communication

Communication is a lot more than just words. The tone used and the facial expressions are the other halves of it. Merely written words do not always have the intended impact as the tone often depends on the interpretation by the reader. Sometimes the tone with which we read the message is heavily influenced by our current mood or previous experience, as well as the assumptions they have. Just not making the tone clear enough can also give rise to confusion. Effective communication cannot happen when there is confusion or misunderstanding. It not only fails to deliver the intended message but also causes damage to employee relations and gives rise to a lack of job satisfaction. It takes its toll on employee morale and decreases their productivity. This is why you should not rely too much on written communication via emails and always make some way for some face-to-face interactions.


When there is some communication that needs to happen which holds higher importance take the help of video calls instead. Both your in-office and remote staff can be part of it at the same time. Verbal communication helps to improve the quality of the reception of the message, and you also get to see if the interaction is going the way you intend it to be. There you get instant feedback and can improve the way you say it or provide further explanation if needed. This also makes the process much faster, and the uncertainty of whether the employee has already read your email is gone. It is always a good idea to supplement it with the written details in the mail, but you should know not to skip the face-to-face interactions when discussing important policies or initiatives that are under discussion. This also creates a stronger sense of inclusion and engagement, which feels more forward-thinking and leads to better implementation.


Culture and Communication

The organizational culture helps to ease communication. Make sure that you instil it in your messaging. Culture also has a significant impact on how people perceive and perform at work. It is like a loop: first, you communicate the organizational culture, and then it aids your further communication and workflow. It forms a consistency and brings the necessary pattern and certainty to make the workflow smoothly. We no longer have the luxury of letting it sip in from the office environment and instead need to put in efforts to provide a correct message while employees work remotely, making HR communication even more important.


The fun and friendly culture always increases the employees’ engagement and keeps them motivated. So bring in the required transparency to foster the much-needed trust and loyalty. To get higher productivity, the company’s goal and the individual’s goal should be aligned. It directs the efforts of the workforce in the intended direction. When the values and goals are well communicated and adopted by the employees, it becomes easier to assign and achieve the individual and team goals. The alignment makes sure that all the efforts made at every level in the firm are directly or indirectly contributing to the company’s goals.


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HR communication can be made much more engaging with the help of all the tools and technology we have available to us. Add some colour to your text or simply highlight the words you want to attract attention to. Try something new and creative. You can use images and videos to make your message have a higher impact. Make good use of the social media platforms and come up with new ways to communicate and make it more fun than a simple declaration. Encourage your employees to show their involvement with the likes and comments. Make it appealing enough for them to share it. You can also use surveys to find out what kind of content they like. Asking for their opinion also helps them feel more valued, and you get a better response as it gives way to making it a two-way communication. When employees know that their opinions are noted, they are likely to stay in the organization longer. So make sure that in2022 you use the tools to make your communication more streamlined and attractive.



HR communication is important to make sure that the employees are motivated and giving their best. The new hybrid model that we have adopted needs a new communication strategy to have the same level of impact as before. Analyse the work set-up you have and come up with the methods and combinations of those methods that will have the best effect for a particular type of massage. Don’t rely too much on general emails and try to get face-to-face interaction through video calls for significant instances. Also, let communication flow easily and build a culture to support it. Use technology to make your messaging streamlined and effective.


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