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Payment in Pocket HRMS
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Generally, employees are hired on fixed, temporary, or on a contractual basis. But conditions occur where employers themselves may not be sure of their employees if they will complete their tenure or not. When the employee takes leave often or does not turn up for work citing various reasons, the employer may not be sure if the employee wants to continue with the organization. And in such cases, management may need to take some steps to ensure that the employee completes his tenure or similar.

Stop Payment is one type of alternative in such conditions. Stopping payments of employees when the management is not sure that the employee will return to work or owes something is known as stop payment procedure. This is often the case when you hire a wrong employee.

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Stop Payment also happens when the employee has done some damage to the company or he owes the company some money. Until he does not give his due or he does not pay his damages, the employer will not clear his dues.

These ‘Stop Payment’ functions can prove to be very tedious as there are many other important functions that the HR personnel has to do. These and many other functions can be done easily when the HRMS Solution is smart and seamless.

Pocket HRMS provides us with a very useful configurable feature for loan Stop Payment. If an employee has been added into the Stop Payment list, then while performing payroll process salary, the salary of that employee will not be processed. And if the employer wants to release his money, he can do so very easily.

Pocket HRMS is a complete HCM solution from Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd for all HR needs for any industry and verticals. It is a multi-company and a multi-user application that gives the users the benefits of major HR modules like Income Tax Compliance, Loan foreclosure, Loan Management, and Leave Management. Being on-premise and also on the web, gives the user a whole suite of benefits to the company.

The aim of Pocket HRMS is to simplify all the complex HR Processes and help the management with strategic employee decisions and planning.

To know more about how can Pocket HRMS helps you with your specific needs, write to In the interim, please do visit the website to know more about the products offered.


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