Sonal Gangwani shares HeR story | Women’s Week 2021

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This Women’s day we would like to celebrate the journey of the woman leaders of our industry and their success. Ms. Sonal Gangwani, HR Manager at Ignatiuz Software, is one such leader who shares her success story for all the wonderful women she has come to know and dedicates it to the success of the ones who inspired her. #InspiredByHer

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”- Mother Teresa

This wonderful quote by Mother Teresa captures the true essence of being a woman. The modern woman still faces continuous challenges from the yet-to-catch-up thought process of the world. Facing prejudice and disproving societal notions, one could compare today’s woman with “Sita” who had to undergo series of evaluations to prove herself at all walks of life.

Even today, we promote strong women until she stands up, flexes her muscles, and makes herself heard. The ugly truth is that while we might encourage strong women, we are far away from supporting them to attain their true potential. We expect modern women to be as perfect as Barbara Eden in I Dream of Jeannie who juggled through multiple roles within a blink of an eye, in case of any discrepancy, her incapability was speculated rather than backing her to evolve.

In my 15 years in the industry, my professional life has been a roller coaster ride which I could summarize for all the newcomers in just one sentence- it was never easy, and it will not be easy but remember that you will make it with determination, willpower, and never give up attitude.

How? Here are some hard-learned life-lessons that I would like to share:

  • Strong bonds last a lifetime – Do not be afraid to form friendships with girls around you. They can relate to you, be a source of support for each other, and help when things get tough. Remember the strongest of swords are forged in the hottest flames. Your individual challenges will become a celebration together.
  • Mother is the best trainer – A homemaker mom is the best manager. They teach a lot of life management rules to help become the best version of oneself Believe me or not, just tweak and apply their rules in corporate life and you will rock the show.
  • Cherish the girl inside you – You don’t need to be a tomboy in pursuit to be successful in the corporate world. Give yourself time to introspect and put in efforts to be the best version of yourself. You do not need to be someone else just be the best version of yourself – it’s enough!
  • Own up at least one social responsibility – Make your surrounding society a better place to live by your own exertions  Selflessly define, quantify, and regularize at least one way through which you can increase the quality of your eco-system.
  • Ying and Yang – Remember the implicit contribution of all the male figures in your life who trusted and stood by you. Alike the quote “Behind the success of a man there is a woman” and its vice versa is equally true. It is always about the bond between the two.
  • Follow One Hobby – In today’s cut-throat competition, it is very important to safeguard your inner self. Following your hobby will keep you positive and emotionally strong. It will also provide you with the energy to go the extra mile. It has the power to make everything fall in place.

At the start of my career, my reporting manager taught me that a successful HR manager is “like the best daughter-in-law of the office – High expectations, back-biting, and prejudice. Achievements get ignored, work goals become a bottleneck for survival, and you will have a tough time, frequently. However, your success lies in the way you bind up the family.”

Always remember, no one is mistake-free, but you are unstoppable if you dare to accept your flaws and are willing to improve upon them.

Wishing a Happy Women’s Day to all! Be like a Queen – It’s about everything and nothing.

I am always available for the conversation on my LinkedIn for the upcoming talent, and a big vote of thanks to the Pocket HRMS team for providing this opportunity. Really Matters!



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