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Employee Document Management
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Pocket HRMS based employee documents management system AKA employee management system allows the admin and HR to easily store and manage all kinds of employee documents. A cloud-based documention management system makes it easy for the administration to work hassle-free through a remote area as well.

Let’s start with the basics…

What is document management?

Employee Documents Management involves activities like employee data recording, storing, and managing documents and letters of an employee throughout their service in the company.

This, therefore, provides an easy solution for storing and managing important employee documents and eases the access.

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A successful employee documents management strategy would help streamline and create a centralized hub for all your employee data. Document management serves as a contributing factor to employee management at the organisation.

Benefits of Employee documents management

There are many advantages of employee document management and they include:

·         Ease your decision making

·         Data sorting

·         Prevention of data loss

·         Easy report making

·         Easy tracking of employees

·         HR department efficiency

·         Staff morale

·         Curbed down mistakes

Well researched techniques of employee management can bring you an endless list of benefits and streamline human resources activities. Some of the benefited areas include payroll and attendance management for employees.

Employee Document Management System

Store and access employee data anywhere and anytime on-demand with an integrated employee management system. Make employee data handling as well as document generation easier and quick.

How does the DMS system work?

Intuitive and well-designed document management allows you to easily feed and retrieve original employee data whenever needed.

The EMS (Employee Management System) makes the report generation swift and foolproof for further processing. It saves HR time and effort in manually collating data and documents. Overall departmental productivity is enhanced. Auto-generated documents and data in one place are the prime benefits of an employee management system.

Document management solution ensures data isn’t lost. It keeps data for all your past employees and currently serving too.

Pocket HRMS based easy to interact employee management solution makes uploading and collecting previously fed data through ESS (employee self-service portal) easy. Cloud-based HRMS makes compliance management a no more worry about factors for the management.

What are the popular employee documents available with Pocket HRMS?

Creating documents manually based upon numbers on an excel sheet is a thing of the past now. Our HR software makes document downloading a matter of seconds with its intuitive employee management tool.

Some of the popular documents include:

·         Experience letter

·         Job letter

·         Onboarding template

·         Bond letter

·         Appointment letter

·         Employee termination letter

·         Appraising letter

·         Payslips, etc.

Why Pocket HRMS?

Pocket HRMS is a new-age HR solution with a gamut of dedicated modules making HR and payroll management easier and accurate.

To avail your 15-Day FREE trial of the HRMS, contact us here. Also, you can write to us at


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