5 Distressing Signs you are Burning Out your Employees

Burning Out your Employees
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A business leader or manager cannot expect his/her employees to work their hearts out every time. After all, we all have our saturation level, and overworking drives us closer to that limit. And once that happens, employees are deemed to burn out preventing them to perform at their optimum best.

A handful of kind employees would rather opt to bluntly tell you that they are burnt out, whereas some employees would prefer to keep mum leaving the manager or boss to decide. So here are five distressing signs that your employees are feeling the heat and it’s time to take a chill-pill. Be the BFF to your employees.

     1. Unexpected disengagement

Say, for instance, one of your top performers who is the very first to volunteer that new project or pushes his/her teammates all the time. This employee is also the most talkative in meetings and comes up with loads of novel ideas. But of all sudden, he stops volunteering and is often seen mum in meetings.

If you come across any such employee in your organization, it’s time to intervene, as that person might be burnt out.

     2. Overtiredness

If you come across an employee who says that he/she is drained to the core. The same person used to be super-enthusiastic previously. This may hint that he/she is burnt out and needs your attention.

Overworked people tend to take work back home on a frequent basis. So make sure you spot super-exhausted people in your company at an early stage.

     3. Productivity starts plunging at an alarming speed

Let’s assume that one of your stellar performer who delivers above expectations on a consistent basis since he/she came on board. If the same employee stops to work at the same pace, it’s a sign that he/she might be overworked and is in need of motivation boosters.

It’s time for you to chip in to beat office blues, if any.

     4. Frequent complaints and disparagement

Is there an employee, who negates about almost every new initiative? That can be a burnt out personnel. Though it is understandable to certain extent that not all initiatives will receive the same response, constant complaining and foul crying is certainly an alarming sign you shouldn’t ignore.

So if you notice a paradigm shift in any of your employee’s behavior, it’s time to intervene before he/she drags other co-workers down.

      5. Increased absenteeism

If your attendance management system report shows the one with a good attendance track-record taking lot of leaves suddenly, it’s a sign that he/she is burnt out trying to escape from work.

But before reaching to any conclusion, have a decent conversation with that employee, as who knows he might be fighting some illness or dealing with family/personal problems.


The good news is that you can prevent your employees from feeling burn out, don’t put the unreasonable workload on their shoulders and things should be fine. If you feel that your staff has reached its saturation point, it’s time to lighten the office environment and workload to get things back on track.

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