Best-Kept Secret to Managing Workplace Conflicts in Startups

Managing Workplace Conflicts
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These days, we get to hear so much about how a healthy workplace conflict can be a “good omen” for a business especially for a startup. Yes, a healthy conflict among employees is believed to spur a stream of innovative ideas, offer novel resolutions to existing issues, and nurtures an aura of collaboration. Long story short, a constructive and healthy workplace conflict helps drive a startup to new heights.

Nevertheless, there are some convincing reasons why business owners tend to get apprehensive about workplace conflicts. Creative, talented, and smart folks are more likely to bump every now and then and when overlooked, it may result in permanent dysfunctional workplace culture. This can lead to a steep decline in productivity levels, absenteeism, difficulty retaining top talents, and poor customer service.

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When it comes to startup teams, stakes tend to be too high to allow the workforce to overcome the conflict on its own. When egos clash, it is advisable to take prompt actions.

Here are some cool tips to help manage conflicts in a startup team:

1.  Most oft, conflicts occur when the job descriptions or profiles are hazy or they overlap from one person to the other. Employees ought to understand their responsibilities and their reporting heads to avoid misperceptions. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities can curb the possibility of a conflict significantly.

2.  Never allow problems to aggravate. Entrepreneurs tend to focus more on functions that drive the startup ahead and often overlook factors that are holding the venture back. Ignoring a brewing workplace conflict is ignoring the emotions your employees carry with them that might be averting their focus from their jobs. Ensure to have an open-door policy for communication to all the employees, this includes the newly recruits as well.

3.  Always confront conflicts face-to-face. When you reach the stage to mediate the conflict, you certainly might not want to rely on emails or tests. The most effective way is to meet your employees face-to-face.

4.  Pay heed to what employees say without being judgemental. Understand the mindset of each employee. People love to get heard thus, giving them ears is the best thing you can do.

5.  Stay impartial all through the discussion. Putting down your personal opinions at the beginning will only aggravate the situation.

 This is how a startup can clear the air to drive optimum teamwork and productivity. Last but not the least, it all depends on business leaders to ensure that these conflicts are steered and resolved in a positive and constructive way.

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