Save Time and Resource through Employee Self-Service Portal

Save Time and Resource
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ESS or Employee Self Service portal helps the employee to update his / her profile, personal information etc. on the go from anywhere and any device. A HR admin is usually burdened with a lot of work and even if they have a HR Portal, they have to manually feed in the details for all employees or import an excel which has the details of all the employees. This is a very time consuming task and if not properly handled, it can lead to misplacement of data.

To make this task easier, Pocket HRMS, a complete Cloud based HRMS software has come up with an Employee Self Service Portal which makes the job of the HR very easy and faster. The job profile, responsibilities, holiday list and all the details that belong to a particular employee can be updated through his / her profile in Pocket HRMS’s Employee Self Service. This will help the management and the HR team to be informed well in advance about the employee’s personal commitments or leave applications and employees requests. All the administrative transaction like leave management, tax declaration, payslip generation, etc of the employee can be handled by the self-service portal which will help the HR personnel can focus on other activities.

The Employee Self Service functionality gives the employees the access to their Personal Information, Payroll and Compensation, leaves etc. Employees can view and / or change their home and mailing addresses, phone numbers, emergency contacts, email addresses, marital status etc. They can easily access information related to payouts, income tax, company policies etc. They can view their pay slips, total earnings statements, PF, details related to loans like instalments paid, balance payable, etc. can also be viewed without having to wait for HR revert. Employees can access their information in Employee Self Service without being on hold for hours with the HR / Admin, overall reducing conversation time.

For the HR who are worried about the security of and visibility of the data that gets updated by the employee, need to be rest assured. If the employee is doing some modification in their profile, then it will not get directly update in the employee master. It will go for an approval to the HR, only after the approval it will get updated in the master. HR will be able to update the company policies, general information in the employee portal so that the employee gets the notification on their mobile app and employee can able to download the policy document form the ESS.

Features of Cloud HRMS Software

  • Maintain / Update Personal Information such as educational qualifications, certifications, emergency contact information, etc.
  • View Pay slips and PF information
  • View Leave Balances, Initiate Leave Requests and view the status of these requests.
  • View HR Alerts, News, Notices.
  • Automated system approval for leave, tax declaration etc.
  • Employees can submit their tax declaration and proof documents
  • View income tax worksheet
  • Employees can upload the scanned of their personal document like photo proof, id proof, academic certificates etc. in the ESS
  • Employees can access the ESS via browser and mobile app
  • For all the transaction application will send an email and push message notification
  • Birthday wishes
  • New joiners notification

The App can be downloaded from Windows and Android play stores respectively. For more details about Pocket HRMS, You can also write to the Pocket HRMS team at


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