Reimagining HR with the Digital Tech Boom

Reimagining HR with the Digital Tech Boom

Reimagining HR with the Digital Tech Boom

From the playful chatbots to those elegant self-driving cars, technology is driving us crazy. On the other hand, wearable technology undoubtedly will evolve from wristbands to smart rings that can track heartbeats, calories, steps, sleep patterns, etc. In fact, you will soon be able to buy flying cars, as a leading aircraft manufacturing organisation has announced to manufacture real flying cars that will go up for sale later this year.

So what does the digital tech boom means for businesses and management folks? Now, when we talk about business management, one certainly cannot overlook the essence of human resources (HR). With all these technological advances, improving employee experience has become much more than picking which digital tech to implement for businesses and HR.

Question now is what can human resources do in this fast-paced and digitally driven business ecosystem? So what will the future be like for HR? Here’s a rundown on the same:

Gaming and Beyond!

A glance at the gaming industry is all that you need to do to understand where the technology is heading. Yes, it is expected that Virtual Reality or VR and Augmented Reality or AR will evolve significantly in the coming years. In fact, VR technology is expected to drive digital engagement across workplaces in the near future.

Here’s how virtual reality can spruce up team building and engagement in a company.

Simply imagine using the Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality technology to engage employees or learners. It can be a boon in corporate training as well as employee on-boarding. The ability to overlay virtual networking stuffs on walls could be the simplest way to train a newly hired networking engineer. The same can be leveraged to train employees across different processes and department, be it an automobile company or an oil-rig in the middle of the sea.   

Virtual Reality is coming to HR!

Almost every smartphone maker today is offering VR headsets. There is a race to get the consumers hooked to VR technology. However, the fact is that compelling content would be the key to drive VR adoption rates in the long-run. VR certainly can be a great tool for HR, as they can develop VR-themed simulations that offer employees a virtual feel of the company’s culture and much more. Virtual tours and experiences could prove to be immensely beneficial for the HR to improve candidate experience and employee engagement.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI): The Future of People Management

AI is set to disrupt businesses and people management like never before. Yes, we can expect to see voice-based digital assistant like (Siri) in workplaces that can decipher and perform user commands. This can be useful in improving productivity or for learning purposes. For example, it can be useful in suggesting articles and blogs to read or pinpoint experts in the company, who are available to answer queries on a particular theme or subject matter. AI is all set to drive people management in workplaces.

As HR functions are emerging as more accountable when it comes to driving results for a business these days, harnessing digital technology comes as a life-changing thing for HR leaders and managers.

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