Reasons HR Professional’s Role Can Easily Burnout

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In the process of keeping everyone in the office happy, from the bosses to the employees on the levels, people often forget that the department which makes this happen- the HRs, need their peace of mind too.

HR Professional’s have their plate full at all times, and they don a plethora of hats full of responsibility at the same time. They have to complete their work before the deadline, find ideal employees for their company, and process the onboard procedure, and devising plans to retain them, to handling their payroll and data.

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Everything is handled by the HR department, and this can surely take a toll on them and lead to burnout. Many polls suggest that when HRs are asked about their work-life, they usually describe that they feel burned out and that the pace of work is too fast.

Before explaining how to deal with burnout, let’s have a look at its indications-

  • Not taking care of mental health
  • Reduced attention span
  • Lack of focus
  • Temper issues
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Increase in health issues
  • Lacking energy and feeling depressed

These are some of the key indicators that can let you know that the person has burnout. And once you come to terms with it, you can do various exercises to get rid of it. Now let’s have a look at what the HR department can do so that they don’t burnout.

Finding out the key to balance-

The HRs are the center point, acting between the employees and the bosses. Hearing both sides in case of a conflict can stress the HRs out, getting pulled from both ends. Many times, the HRs might also feel they are not able to help the employees as much as they should.

This can cause a lot of stress and eventually lead to burnout. HR managers can overcome this issue by being upfront with the employees. Listen to their problems, help if you can, clearly, and respectfully decline if you can’t. Don’t overdo your role and try to achieve balance on both sides.

Getting a handle on news delivery-

One of the toughest jobs of HR managers is to be the bearer of negative feedback or bad news. That said, nowadays with so many lay-offs going on, telling an employee that they have lost their job during this challenging time, turns out to be a challenging task for HR too. It is not easy to be the reason for someone’s disappointment.

The key to handling this is being practical and having confidence. Let the employees who are being laid off know that they were a valuable asset to the company and that they deserve better. It’s not the end of the world for you or them, just keep that in your mind and send them off with dignity.

Manage your tasks-

Needless to say, as an HR, you have a shedload of work to be done every day, round the clock. Handling all your tasks and at the same time keeping your mind calm is impossible. You can feel burdened and overwhelmed.

You can handle this by leaving some time of open window every day. You can use this time for unplanned events, or if there are none, you can use to ease your mind and relax a bit. Make it a ‘me time’, and do whatever makes you happy.

This will help you in staying productive and making sure you don’t crumble up.

Stay updated-

Another stress-causing agent is this ever-changing world, especially now with the pandemic. The HR departments have had to create entirely new strategies on how to make working from home remotely a comfortable experience for everyone.

The times are uncertain and the first department that needs to adapt every time is HR. You can simply do this by staying updated with the technologies, see what other companies are doing and try to incorporate it into yours, by doing this you won’t be clueless wondering on where to get started.

Handling complex situations-

When there is an argument going on between two employees, or an employee and the boss, the person to resolve it is the HR. Many times, the situation can get ugly, and HR has to take a quick decision to resolve it quickly.

Doing this can be hard, as HR has to listen to both sides, and make the favour in the decision of the right person, no matter what. It is a risk too as they can upset the seniors if the decision is not made in their favour. Resolving conflicts tastefully, by making sure no one is hurt is like walking through a crossfire.
To think quickly, and to overcome this situation, the HR needs to first take care of what they think. Calm your mind, think proactively, and decide, without constantly worrying about the consequences. After a while, everyone will calm down, and it will all be fine.

A little time and stress management can do wonders for the HRs and make sure that they don’t burnout. Be good to yourself and others, spread positivity, and the result will always be good.

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