Pocket HRMS – What’s in it for you?

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Pocket HRMS – What’s in it for you
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HRMS software stores and records all the key information of employees. Though there are many HR solutions available today in the market, the real cache lies in choosing the best HR software for your business.

This is the reason you ought to check all the core modules and functionalities the HRMS software has to offer before zeroing on. Some core functions of HRMS software include time tracking, attendance, leave management, employee self-service, mobile payroll, etc.

This is where Pocket HRMS comes into the picture as a means of the great resort to HR personnel serving as a great companion to them.

Here are some core features of Pocket HRMS:

Payroll Management

Payroll is all about processing the salary of employees in an organization. It includes calculating PF, generating payslips, TDS, tax deductions, HRA deductions, etc. Pocket HRMS makes this much easier and quick by automating the entire process.

Time and Attendance Management

Keeping track of employee’s work timings and overtime hours is no more a draconian task for HR personnel. This is because cloud-based Pocket HRMS comes with the quintessential automated timesheet management module saving HR professionals from the hassles of maintaining attendance manually. Thus, leave and attendance management becomes a cakewalk.

Employee Self Service

With Pocket HRMS’s user-friendly employee self service mobile app, employees can add, modify and update their personal details on the go from their handheld devices. This include accessing and updating details such as name, contact details, address, training details, etc. on their own so that HR people don’t have to.

Mobile Payroll Application

Employees can access our self service portal through their handheld devices with ease and grace. On the other hand, HR personnel can utilise our mobile payroll app module to send out notifications and other important alerts pertaining to payroll of employees. It certainly will make lives a lot easier for human resource personnel.

Employee Management

Pocket HRMS’s employee management module helps HR personnel manage employee details on the go, set automatic alerts and reminders for important follow-ups, meetings, etc., track attendance at fingertips, generate HR reports at the click of a button and much more.

Increment and Performance Tracking made easy

Be it feedbacks from managers, supervisors, and team leaders, Pocket HRMS maintains and organizes all these details for HR to help with seamless salary increment and appraisals.

So now you know how Pocket HRMS simplifies and streamlines all your entire HR and payroll operations, it is time to empower your HR and business for good.

To know how our cloud based payroll software can be your HR’s best buddy, click here. You can also write to us at sales@pockethrms.com or give us a shout out at Twitter or Facebook.


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