Pocket HRMS teams up with HiFives for their Reward and Recognition Platform

Pocket HRMS teams up with HiFives
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Pocket HRMS is a leading HRMS solution provider in India with end-to-end modules for all HR related processes. Pocket HRMS has been a premier in providing innovative technology like HR chatbot for HR automation. Headquartered in Mumbai, Pocket HRMS caters PAN-India with its offices in all four metros coupled with an extensive partner network.

“The aim for us at Pocket HRMS has always been to provide new age technology to our users at economical price. We try to seek out the best or trending and make sure our customers avail optimum benefits of enterprise technology. In an attempt to drive employee experience and workforce management to the next level, we have partnered with HiFives for their unique and extensive reward and recognition (R&R) platform,” says Mr. Jitendra Somani, CEO for Pocket HRMS.

HiFives is a cloud-based global platform for employees, which enables organizations to enhance their R&R platform to deliver a rich and seamless experience for their employees with minimal expense. Launched in 2010, HiFives is almost a decade-old company serving with an aim to ease rewarding and gifting employees in different corporates. These corporates include some big names in healthcare, technology, telecom and services sectors.

HiFives is a SaaS-based global platform for employee rewards and recognition. HiFives’ partnership with Pocket HRMS is aimed to offer an end-to-end solution spanning across the entire employee lifecycle. In today’s cutthroat business ecosystem wherein an increasing number of businesses are focusing on employee engagement to retain and motivate their workforce, employee rewards and recognition plays a crucial role. In fact, more and more organizations are looking to digitize and automate their rewards and recognition processes. HiFives patent pending platform will enable the users of Pocket HRMS to get access to industry best practices for employee rewards and recognition. We are looking forward to this partnership,” says Mr. Sagar Chaudhuri, CEO for HiFives.

Some of the benefits of HiFives includes unlimited reward categories, nominations and approvals, redemption, 360° recognition and HR data integration.

About Pocket HRMS:

Pocket HRMS is a fully scalable HR solution and aims to bring a change in the working dynamics of HR departments. This HRMS Solution takes HR miles ahead by introducing revolutionary features like Automated Chatbot (smHRty) for HR automation, Interactive Dashboards, Mobility, customizable modules, Real time updates, instant report generation, etc. that today’s HR crave for. Pocket HRMS sits quite well here. Hosted on cloud, Pocket HRMS is the perfect pick-me-up HRMS software for businesses of all sizes and verticals.

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