Pocket HRMS Such Awesome, Much Wow!

Pocket HRMS Such Awesome
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Pocket HRMS previously known as Pocket HCM just got a brand new makeover. Yes, our cloud based payroll software just got a lot more powerful and holistic. The all-new Pocket HRMS comes with newly integrated and coming-of-age features including a friendly AI-powered HR chatbot (smHRty), intelligent HR analytics, user-friendly dashboard, recruitment and training modules and a lot more.   Pocket HRMS is now an all-inclusive cloud based HR software aimed to reach out and address the diverse and growing painpoints of human resources management.   So, what’s in it for businesses and HR? Here is a quick rundown on some of the prominent and new features that make Pocket HRMS a perfect pick-me-up in the HR automation domain:

  • AI-powered HR chatbot (smHRty)

Declutter your HR department and bestow them with more time to focus on other strategic chores. Our new AI-powered HR bot smHRty is your very own intelligent and fun virtual HR assistant. smHRty can help with all those common and routine HR related queries that employees shoot to HR. Right from payslips to tax and leave enquiry, smHRty can help you with almost everything at lightning speed. smHRty leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to self-learn and come up with automated responses in no time.

  • Cloud and mobile payroll

A single click is all it takes to process payroll with Pocket HRMS. Fully automated and flexible, our mobile payroll software automates salary computations, tax calculations/deductions, benefits, reimbursement, etc. ensuring optimum employee satisfaction. Our smart mobile payroll app allows you to preview, process and/or stop payroll on the run. More power to HR!

  • Compliance ready

Pocket HRMS is compliance ready meaning it tracks all statutory regulations and changes across multiple states to ensure full statutory and legal compliance.

  • Recruitment management system

Recruitment management system serves as your very own bulletin board for seamless staffing and on-boarding, wherein HR professionals can create new jobs at lighting speed, schedule multiple job interviews at one-go, manage candidate database and generate offer/confirmation letters with a single click. Seamless integration with company’s job portal adds cherry on the cake.   Further, recruitment software comes with an integrated employee referral module paving way for quality hiring. Most importantly, our recruitment management system helps you get rid of the cumbersome paperwork involved in staffing thus, speeding up the entire process and optimizing hiring costs.

  • Training management system

A new feather in the cap is our training management system, which helps you connect with your employees even before they get on-board. Create training blueprints on the fly, generate customizable email templates, map training programs to employees and track training/performance at the click of button with our training management system.

  • Expense management system

Pocket HRMS helps you manage all your business related expenses such as travel and other employee expenditures. Approval based claims management system for maximum transparency and accuracy. Our expense management software simplifies expense processing and reporting. Simply put, our expense management system helps track, monitor and tame employee expenses all from a centralized hub.   All the newness of Pocket HRMS doesn’t come at the price of user-friendliness, since our payroll software continues to be super user and pocket –friendly. Check out our SaaS subscription plans here.   To know how the newly reinvented Pocket HRMS can end HCM woes for your business, reach us here or write to us at sales@pockethrms.com

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