Pocket HRMS Product Update September 2022

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Pocket HRMS Product Update September 2022
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Pocket HRMS continuously strives to improve the end-user experience, and in this pursuit, we have made further enhancements to your beloved HRMS software.


In this update, we present the brand-new training dashboard, which will provide an overview of employee training. We have also optimized the roster management system for a smoother roster setup. Finally, our users can enjoy the added usability of Single Sign On (SSO), which helps improve the login experience.


Product Update September 2022

  • Training Dashboard
  • Enhanced Roster Management
  • Single Sign On (SSO)


Training Dashboard

The employees can view multiple parameters related to their training in a single view with the new ‘training dashboard’. It consists of vital information such as:

  • Assigned training sessions
  • Training Schedule
  • Completion status
  • Certifications Achieved
  • Monthly Training Report
  • and more.


Path: ESS > Training > My Training > Dashboard


Training Status


Certifications Received


Enhanced Roster Management

The managers can apply the entire roster for their team using the enhanced roster management system. The Admin/HR can apply the new roster for all employees as per different shifts configured, including week offs.


Path for HR/Admin: Cloud > Settings > Attendance > Roster Management


Path for Manager: ESS > Leave > Approval > Roster Management


Roster Management


Roster Management


Single Sign On (SSO)

The employees can experience the ease of password-less sign-in with a single click using their Microsoft Account. They will have to enable Single Sign On (SSO) by giving access to their Microsoft Account for the first time.


Path: ESS > Profile Icon (Top Right Side) > SSO Authentication


Sign In Options


Pocket HRMS Login




We are very excited to share these innovations to improve the overall user experience and ease of using our beloved HRMS platform.


Feel free to provide your valuable feedback on these new features by mailing us at support@pockethrms.com.


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