Pocket HRMS Product Update May 2021

Pocket HRMS Product Update May 2021
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Adding more to Pocket HRMS product updates, this blog includes the latest updates made to our software for the month of May 2021. This month, we bring updates to various our Modules such as amazing improvements in the UX module, recruitment and leave module, and efficient exit management module. Here is what’s new in Pocket HRMS in May month:

UX Improvements

  • You no longer have to apply filters multiple times. While applying a filter to see shift details in Attendance, the data will be updated without clearing the screen.
  • HR Letter

    The default currency format is now enhanced to show values in a more aesthetic manner.

  • Label changes

    On the Employee Separation page, the label name of the email ID  is changed to “Personal Email ID” and the label of Mobile is changed to “Personal Mobile No”. This would enable a better understanding of the data fields.

 Attendance Module

  • Shift-Delete

    You can now delete saved shifts and easily organize your HRMS usage.

  • Export Weekly Off

    Quickly export preset employee Weekly Off for reference and analysis.

Appraisal Report

The employee’s rating along with the manager’s rating will now be visible in the Appraisal Report and employee stage level data.

Income Tax

The Tax Worksheet now includes information about the Income Tax of the Previous employer of the employee.

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Recruitment Module

You can now select single as well as multiple recruiters to view a datewise list of recruiters and corresponding required data.

Leave Module

  • Leave Validation

    While applying for a leave, if a punch in/out is already done for the same date then the system will inform the user that “Attendance is already marked” for the selected date. This will help avoid any incorrect leave entries. Similar validation is added for continuous leave entry as well.

  • Leave Credit

    • You can now add employee comp-off credit category-wise.
    • You can now import leave credit data with decimal values for full and half-day leave credits.

Exit Management

Added a validation that will help avoid the untimely and incorrect release of an employee while the employee’s full and final settlement is in progress.


To know more about Pocket HRMS updates, stay tuned for our upcoming webinar announcements where you can see these updates live in action. Alternately, you can reach out to our team at support@pockethrms.com to know more. 


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