Pocket HRMS Product Update June 2021

Pocket HRMS Product Update June 2021
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Adding more to Pocket HRMS product updates, this blog includes the latest updates made to our software for the month of June 2021. We at Pocket HRMS pay heed to all our employees’ needs. Thus, we have launched a module solely dedicated to Vaccine updates, where the employees can add their vaccination records directly through the ESS portal, and much more. Apart from this, updates to various of our Modules such as amazing improvements in the UX module, recruitment and leave module, and appraisal management has been made. Here is what’s new in Pocket HRMS in May month:

  • Vaccination Records Management

    • Employees
      • They can add vaccination records directly from their ESS Portal
      • They can upload details such as the vaccine type, number of doses, vaccination date, and upload the vaccination certificate
      • There’s also a provision to download their certificate from the CoWin Portal for easy and quick access
    • HR Teams will be able to get detailed employee vaccination reports as part of the Vaccination Records Management
    • Here’s a sneak peek of the options that are available to employees:
  • Appraisal Module

    • The appraisal can now be configured employee wise to facilitate different appraisal metrics for different employees
    • In Appraisal Configuration, the business unit can now be configured employee wise
    • All the live employees will be automatically loaded in Appraisal Configuration pages such as Appraisal Stage, Appraisal Parameters, Appraisal Questions, etc.
  • Leave Module

    • Validation has been added to minimize incorrect entries
    • Employees having approved OnDuty entries on a date will not be able to add leave entries on the same date
    • You need to modify the leave configuration settings to Restrict to enable this feature
  • Payslip Designer

    • Easily and quickly design payslips in Pocket HRMS with greater control over how payslips are designed
    • You can edit fonts, seamlessly add/remove multiple fields, and much more
  • Income Tax

    • Different income tax-related exports are now enhanced to display the type of Income Tax regime that is opted by the employee
    • The worksheet details and declaration details exports will now explicitly mention whether the Employee has opted for Old or New Tax Regime
  • UX Improvement-

    On the leave entry page, the leave components having some opening balance will be given preference for easier access to quick leave overview information.

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To know more about Pocket HRMS updates, stay tuned for our upcoming webinar announcements where you can see these updates live in action. Alternately, you can reach out to our team at support@pockethrms.com to know more. 


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