Pocket HRMS Product Update January 2021

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Pocket HRMS Product Update January 2021
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Pocket HRMS team is continuously working towards improving your experience based on your feedback. This month, we bring updates to Pocket HRMS with an enhanced Employee Self Service portal, more comprehensive Travel module, robust Reimbursement module and more minor upgrades. Here is what’s new in Pocket HRMS in January month:

Employee Self-Service Portal

• Customized URL:

Each company now has their own customized URL for accessing ESS Portal. To access, kindly visit companycode.pockethrms.com . For example, if a company’s code is Greytrix then their employees can login via greytrix.pockethrms.com .

• Dashboard:

Absent Chart is enhanced. It will now only display those employees as absent when their shift has started. Changes can be viewed in the absent chart on Employee Self-service Portal for manager and above roles. For example, if employee E123 has shift from 10am to 6pm then it will mark E123 as absent if not punched in/out during this time period.

• Employee Documents:

Removed Delete option from employee documents section. Changes can be viewed in employee wizard on Pocket HRMS.

Travel Module

• You can now save any segment of Travel Advance form even with zero value. However, Total Advance value cannot be set as zero.

• You can now attach files in Reimbursement form in every segment and view any related reports

Reimbursement Module

• You can add user defined forms in Travel Reimbursement form similar to Travel Advance Module.

• All the filled up fields from Advance module can now be displayed in the reimbursement module.

Other Modules

Recruitment Module:

Under Candidate Work Experience Tab, new candidate current experience “to month” or “to year” fields can be disabled.

Adding New Employees:

While adding new employees, HRs can now have an optional age restriction verification. If enabled, Pocket HRMS will check if the employee age is below 18yrs. Setting can be found under Settings > Organization > Notifications > General Settings in Pocket HRMS.

On Duty:

The email notification of On Duty Rejection will now inform employees about who rejected the on duty request. Changes can be viewed in the sent email.


Category wise eTDS can now be generated. Settings can be found under Analytics > Reports > Income Tax > Form 24 eTDS.

Bulk Separation Release:

HRs can now bulk import separation release details of employees. Settings can be found under Payroll > Import > Separation Release Import.

To know more about these updates, stay tuned for our upcoming webinar announcements where you can see these updates live in action. Alternately, you can reach out to our team at support@pockethrms.com to know more.

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