Pocket HRMS Product Update December 2022

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Pocket HRMS Product Update December 2022
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In our pursuit to improve the end-user experience, we have made further enhancements to your beloved HRMS software.


We are excited to announce the deployment of the ‘smHRt Payroll’ Process with the December 2022 update, which is one-of-a-kind feature wherein we have provided additional checks to ensure your payroll runs smoothly. It even uses machine learning to understand your company and suggest modifications and remove outliers from the data.


With the latest update, the HR and Administrator will also be able to identify modified attendance entries. Additionally, they can create custom ESS roles and enable email notifications to the managers and other stakeholders if the HR edits the ‘last working day’ of an employee. We have also added the option to create dynamic email tags for emails. Another major update is the integration of WhatsApp, using which you can send payslips directly to the employees.


Product Update December 2022

  • smHRt Payroll
  • Identify Modified Attendance Entries
  • Custom ESS Role
  • Email Notification for ‘Last Working Date’ Edit
  • Dynamic Master Tag
  • WhatsApp Integration


smHRt Payroll

The smHRt Payroll Process ensures that the HR or Administrator can process payroll with pre-process checks that helps them identify errors in the configuration and formulae and avoid any outliers in the data. It also assures the users that all pre-requisites for processing the payroll are completed, by giving an overview, which includes the total gross salary processed, income tax processed, payroll count vs employee count, and more.


Path: Cloud > Payroll > Utilities > Payroll Process


Payroll Process


Identify Modified Attendance Entries

The HR and Administrator can identify the ‘In’ and ‘Out’ entries modified by the employee or another HR or Admin as it gets flagged after being modified.


Path: Cloud > Employee > Attendance > In Out Core Details


In Out Core Details


Custom ESS Role

The HR or Administrator can create multiple custom ESS roles which can be used for different designations of users.


Path: Cloud > Settings > Organization > Self Service Roles


Self Service Roles


Email Notification for ‘Last Working Date’ Edit

The HR or Administrator can enable email notifications in case the HR edits the last working date. The email notifications can be sent for HRs, managers, and the resigning employee and to other external email IDs as well.


Path: Cloud > Settings > HR > Exit Notification Settings > Reminder




Dynamic Master Tag

The HRs can create dynamic email template fields which can be used while sending offer letters to candidates.


For example, an HR can create a dynamic tag as ‘Address’ and the same will be used in the offer letter email template. While sending the offer letter, the ‘Address’ field will be replaced with the mapped dynamic tag.


Cloud Path: Setting > Recruitment > Email Template


Email Template


ESS Path: Hire > Candidates > Add > Email Tags


Email Tags


WhatsApp Integration

The HR or Administrator can enable WhatsApp integration to directly send pay slips on the employee’s WhatsApp mobile number.


Path: Cloud > Analytics > Reports > Payroll > Pay Slip


Pay Slip



We are very excited to share these innovations to improve the overall user experience and the ease of using the best HRMS platform in India. Feel free to provide your valuable feedback on these new features by mailing us at support@pockethrms.com.

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