Pocket HRMS Product Update August 2021

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Pocket HRMS Product Update August 2021
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Adding more to Pocket HRMS product updates, this blog includes the latest updates made to our software for the month of August 2021. We at Pocket HRMS pay heed to all our employees’ needs. Thus, we have launched a module solely dedicated to conducting surveys, where the managers can create and design surveys, and do much more. Here is what’s new in Pocket HRMS in August month:

Conducting surveys for employees has become very crucial in today’s world to obtain their feedback and make changes for the betterment of the company’s working environment as well as employees, including the ones in the bottom line.

Simply conducting a survey will not be helpful if you don’t use the right questions to get their feedback on what aspect you are looking forward to measuring. With our new survey management module, you will be able to conduct as many surveys as you want to help you determine what changes you can implement in your organization.

Survey Management Module

Brand new module addition to Pocket HRMS that allows creating & conducting reusable surveys across platforms while providing accurate visual insights in real-time. Salient features include:

  • Design Surveys

Create comprehensive surveys for detailed responses. You can design and edit the survey in flow with your company’s requirements and needs.

  • Automated Workflow

This feature allows you to conduct automatic companywide surveys

  • Triggerable

Many times companies want to create a dedicated survey that revolves around a special event. This feature can help you to configure event-based surveys

  • Conduct Surveys

If your company has a large number of employees, conducting one survey for all won’t be helpful. With this new module, you can conduct category-wise surveys and design questions accordingly

  • Save & Reuse Templates

You don’t need to create a new template every time you conduct a survey. You can easily save surveys for reusability of their templates

  • Multi-Platform

Conduct surveys across ESS portal & Mobile app

  • Visualize

Survey Insights with visualized dashboard

  • Limitless Reach

The surveys can be conducted for both Internal as well as External reach

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To know more about Pocket HRMS updates, stay tuned for our upcoming webinar announcements where you can see these updates live in action. Alternately, you can reach out to our team at support@pockethrms.com to know more. 


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