Pocket HRMS Introduces Employee Wellness-centric Attendance With Skreen Kiosk Partnership

Employee Wellness-centric Attendance
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In a bid to stay ahead of the curve and provide unique solutions for the post-pandemic workplace, Pocket HRMS has announced a strategic partnership with Skreen Kiosk. The alliance aims to enhance existing attendance practices with a focus on employee wellness-centric attendance. It will enable HR teams to foster hygienic wellness across their organization.

“The post-pandemic workplace comes with wellness concerns for employers and employees alike. Skreen provides a unique combo of hygiene, attendance management, and important metrics capturing. This has allowed companies to be more confident in preparing rosters, planning their work plans, and resuming office with confidence. We were looking to integrate with a leading HRMS software in India to provide a one-stop solution for companies resuming offices. We found that in Pocket HRMS and this integration captures the essence of Skreen: The Next Step for the smart workplace.”, informs Mr. Shreekant Chopda, Managing Director at Pushpam Computers.

Highlights of Pocket HRMS integrated with Skreen:

  • Comprehensive kiosk hardware with a simple interface
  • Plug and Play system that requires almost zero training
  • Face recognition with mask detection
  • AI-based attendance management
  • Capture real-time employee records such as in/out time, temperature, and Oxygen (O2) levels
  • Promotes employee wellness and hygiene in the post-pandemic smart workplace

“Continuing with the success of our recently introduced Vaccinations Records Management, we are thrilled to announce our push for employee wellness-centric attendance integration with Skreen Kiosk. Their robust kiosk solution seamlessly integrates with Pocket HRMS where our AI-based attendance management provides the best of both worlds to HR teams and their employees. It is the ultimate win-win situation for HR professionals that are looking to resume their office, take care of their employees, and simultaneously increase productivity.”, said Mr. Jitendra Somani, CEO at Pocket HRMS.

This integration is already turning heads in the HR domain and is witnessing great demand among the employee wellness-conscious corporates. Pocket HRMS & Skreen have committed to continuously enable HR teams with the powerful technological trends and employee wellness practices in upcoming updates.

About Pocket HRMS

Established almost two decades ago, Pocket HRMS is a leading HRMS software in India. Its core values are ensuring the best in customer service, cost-effectiveness, and powerful module offerings. The latest update has incorporated an improved AI-based attendance system and an AI chatbot- smHRty, that can interact with employees to apply leaves, answer queries, and more. Additionally, Pocket HRMS offers HRs a unique global look at their database with smHRt searcHR which is one of the first implementations of its kind in the HR domain.

To learn more, contact us:

www.pockethrms.com | sales@pockethrms.com

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