Pocket HRMS in the year 2021 – Top Highlights!

PocketHRMS in 2021
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2021 has been a positive year for HR and businesses in general. There have been multiple silver linings in 2021, such as India successfully administering 1 billion vaccination doses, which played a significant role in controlling the pandemic. It also played a vital role in helping the businesses bounce back from the economic slowdown.


The team of Pocket HRMS in the year 2021, has also been busy! Owing to the multitude of changes in the way businesses are being conducted, we enhanced our modules and introduced powerful features based on feedback from our valued clientele.


Here are the top highlights that enriched the Pocket HRMS experience for HR teams in 2021:


1. Exclusive Company Employee Self-Service URL

The first enhancement of the year was providing every client with a dedicated URL to exclusively access the Pocket HRMS Employee Self Service Portal. This innovation helped offer the additional functionality of customizing the access page for the individual client based on their requirements. This ability to tailor the access page enabled companies to visually distinguish the portals from others.


2. Geofencing Equipped with Accurate Distance Estimator

The Geofencing functionality of the attendance module was improved with a distance calculator that informed the managers how far the employee was from their approved location if their attendance was from an unapproved area or outside the predefined location radius. This innovation helped virtually eliminate issues arising from location discrepancies while marking daily attendance.


3. Enhanced Performance Goals Configuration

The introduction of enhanced performance goals configurator for the managers allowed them to set goals for employee appraisals which they can review during the appraisal process. The option of a ‘Final rating’ was included, which can be added to the appraisal reports. These enhancements would allow the management and HR to understand their workforce performance potential at a glance quickly.


4. Cross Department Feedback Verification

Candidate feedback can now be shared among multiple interviewers with the help of a cross-department feedback verification feature for continuous communication between the interview panel. The option to disqualify candidates at any stage was also developed to always enable a robust candidate list. Such a verification system dramatically reduces the time and effort required to hire candidates as the communication becomes seamless.


5. Advanced Attendance Approval Flows

The attendance approval flows were enhanced by enabling the option to request and approve on-duty and attendance requests hourly. It was one of the highly requested features by our clients as it helps in making the necessary changes as and when the employee requests it. HRs need not wait for a day anymore to approve some regularization request, thereby improving their efficiency.


6. Vaccination Records Management

Pocket HRMS was among the first HRMS in India to introduce a vaccination module in the HRMS domain. A vaccination dashboard was implemented wherein the employee’s vaccination details can be stored and function as a way of uploading and downloading the vaccination certificate. Having such an option helps HR keep track of the employee vaccination details, which can be collated whenever required by the authorities. The easy access to the certificates in their mobile app helps the employees keep it handy whenever needed.


7. Modern Mobile App with Enhanced UI and UX

With the release of the newer Android and iOS versions, the Pocket HRMS mobile app looked dated while still fully functional. However, the app’s user interface was revamped entirely, improving its speed and user experience based on client feedback. Along with the improved user interface, all kinds of information were made available at the employees’ fingertips for interacting with minimal taps and menus for an enhanced, smooth user experience.


8. Workforce Vibe Check with Survey Management

Another feature that was introduced for improving employee engagement was the option to conduct large-scale internal and external surveys. The external surveys can also be sent to those who do not use Pocket HRMS, such as candidates, clients, etc. It was a highly requested feature by our clients, and we listened once again to keep the employees engaged with the company and the candidates warm while gaining valuable inputs from them.


9. Cross Company Reporting across Leave, Attendance, On-Duty, Expense Modules

The powerful Cross Company Reporting feature was upgraded next. It enabled approvals across companies, which removed the tedious process of switching between companies. Additionally, reports could also be generated with information across companies as well. Currently, the cross-company features are applicable for leave, attendance, on-duty, and expense modules. However, it will also be implemented in other modules based on user feedback and requirements. This innovation has led to vastly reduced time in generating interactive reports.


10. Timesheets, Empowered with Projects

Timesheets became more potent with the addition of ‘Projects.’ You can create ‘Projects’ and, with the help of timesheets, allocate time frames for the projects. These time frames are visible to the stakeholders, thus ensuring that the deadlines are met. Along with the evident benefit of time frame visibility, the employees would also be able to cross-check their task completion with the deadline and ramp up their productivity if required.


11. Automated Expense Reports

This enhancement was made possible with excellent feedback from our clientele. We automated expense reports by providing the option to automatically collate the different reports into a single file for quick download and easy reference. Since the reports are collated into a single file, it becomes effortless to download and view and email them to external stakeholders who may not have Pocket HRMS.


12. Smart View for Policies

Finally, the smart view was enabled for workforce policies, thus avoiding the need to download them repeatedly. It was implemented in both, mobile app and ESS portal and has enabled a streamlined user experience. Having the option to read the policies online meant that more employees could access it even on smartphones, as every one might not have PDF readers on their phones.


Well, that was quite a list to go through! With constant support and valuable feedback from our esteemed clientele, Pocket HRMS aspires to be the best HRMS platform in India. Our team is committed to bringing even more innovations for you in 2022 and has promised that work is currently underway to improve the platform’s employee engagement aspects.


To our esteemed clientele,

Pocket HRMS sincerely thanks you for choosing it to be a part of your journey towards success.

As for our readers who are still pondering whether to opt for an HRMS platform, contact us now for a free 15-day trial of the best HRMS software in India – Pocket HRMS!

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