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Welcome to 2021!

You aren’t alone. 2020 was challenging for us too. Looking back at the blogs that predicted HR trends for year 2020 went all in vain. Who thought the year could be this way?

HR industry experienced a totally different set of challenges throughout year. HR professionals planned to include better employee focused strategies, expanding workforce, budgeting, and lot more. Instead, it faced issues like remote team management, communication, data streamlining, employee retention, and similar.

But then, the year also brought opportunities to escalate with the new demands of new generation. On its positive – HR got the opportunity to learn and build up HR management strategies to keep up with the changing shape of employee management.

New workforce handling tip was the need of hour.

Pocket HRMS adhering to the need, brought up excellent set of sustainable upgrades to its HRMS solution. They include customizable dashboards, legit appraisal methods, remote HR solutions, easy exit management, and much more.

Listed below are top-13 advancements made to Pocket HRMS:

Secure Sign-In

Our HR dashboard got more secure with a 2-step authentication process along with single sign-on with Azure Active Directory solution. This cloud-based security will allow users to login securely and easily.

Customizable Dashboard

Our customizable dashboard will allow users to set parameters to view. It will also provide an option to download reports for the required parameter. Interactive dashboard will improve the learning experience of admin and therefore insights to organisation.

Reformed Employee Master

Pocket HRMS has improved its employee master module in order to make it easy for admin to import employee data and interact with tool.

Enhanced Leave Management

Easy leave credit and comp-off approvals for employees with our new upgraded HR dashboard. HR can now easily track leaves for employees with informative reports on click. This will add an advantage to HR people managing remote team.

Remote-friendly Attendance

Added geo tracking facility to the new attendance management module. This feature will ensure fool proof employee data working remotely. Remote friendly selfie attendance also makes it place. Employees can now easily clock-In and clock-Out through selfie attendance method.

360-degree Appraisal

Added peer feedback for effective employee appraisal. Our 360-degree performance feedback will ensure partial appraisal management for employees.

Effortless Exit Management

Pocket HRMS’ calculation of working days makes it great for easy employee exit management. Accurate and automated calculation of recovery days and other parameters allow HR to commit FnF effortlessly.

Auto Reporting

Auto reporting is another upgrade made in Pocket HRMS solution. Suppress printing facility in Payslip and data wizard has made it easy for HR/ admin to keep with data.

Easy Expense Management

Ahead of advancements, Pocket HRMS will now allow employees to claim multiple reimbursements or finance requests at once. Approval tracking and improved UI/UX will help improve employee experience.

Fool-proof Timesheets

The added facility of tagging client details while updating timesheets will help admin to process precise data on dashboard. Better timesheet management will help HR keep a good track of time.

Help Desk Module

Pocket HRMS introduces a dedicated help module for prompt service to its users. This includes queries to leave management, employee wizard, attendance data, self-service, reports, etc.

Health Module

Intuitive health module of Pocket HRMS ensures sane health of workforce. 2020 has been year of health tracking concerns. This module will help you receive all health-related data of employees with frequency set by admin.

Organization Chart

Interactive visual representation of your workforce through Pocket HRMS dashboard helps you get insights of your firm. Graphical data of your working population and selected parameters like gender, live employees, left employees, etc. will get you overview of organisation in no time.

These were Pocket HRMS’ highlights for the year 2020 and aspire to bring more for this ongoing year. 2021 will definitely witness more such developments focused for better HR management.

Pocket HRMS extends its gratitude to you and every stakeholder for making year 2020 a success. Share your thoughts with us at support@pockethrms.com

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