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Pocket HRMS helping HRs
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For any SMB, it becomes necessary to expand its staff to suffice its growing needs, and thus, HR management becomes essential to manage the growing staff. Now, for your HR team, an experience HR could add extra credit, but can also be taxing on the budget for many SMBs.

On the other hand, hiring a fresher amidst your proficient HR team can not only help you save some extra bucks, but also provides an opportunity to younger talents, who could do wonders if guided properly. However, still, the training and inducting the new HR can be time-consuming.

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But with cloud-based software like Pocket HRMS, wherein all the details and records are securely stored on the cloud servers, can also help the new HR to learn protocols and policies of the company more quickly while minimizing the probable errors that the HR could have done.

Growing Up with Pocket HRMS

With Pocket HRMS, the HR can:

  • Know the Company:

Know the details of your company, staff strength, basic salary patterns, and much more on the run. With efficient Employee Management Software. Knowing the ins-and-outs of the company can help you to adapt quickly and work more efficiently.

  • Track Your Employees:

Keeping a track of the recruits as well as senior employees with Time tracking and Attendance management software as well performance tracking feature can help you know the merits of employees needed and strategize to retain and strengthen the quality of employees.

  • Be prepared:

A company can be abrupt with their demands for recruiting more employees, but with Pocket HRMS, tracking the number of employees can be well categorized and organized. These details can give a rough idea when a recruitment order may come.

  • Proof it:

When it comes to financing, both the company and employees can get to your head, but with a precise report from Pocket HRMS, you can justify your actions. Be it appraisals, promotion, or even deductions from salary for any given reason.

Thus with Pocket HRMS, an app that gets better as you grow, help your HR team grow, as they help you back with a proficiently working company.

To know more about Pocket HRMS’s extensive features, contact us here, You can also drop us a mail at sales@pockethrms.com


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