How Pocket HRMS can boost your Human Resource Management?

boost your Human Resource Management
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The staff of any company is said to be its key strength. For a company with the right staff, sky is the limit. Further, a bigger organisation with a large but unproductive staff might come crashing down in no time. In addition, not to forget the money needlessly spent on the payrolls of those employees, thus the HR of the company has to deal with a huge amount of pressure of providing and retain the best talents. Adding to the grudge of HR is the company staff perpetually asking for details related to their leaves, attendance, payslips etc. That’s where Pocket HRMS, a complete Cloud based HR software comes in to the rescue.

Pocket HRMS is a human resource management system, which provides Payroll service and Employee self-service portal wherein employees can plan and get their leaves approved, check and update their personal details (Like new address, contact details, etc.). Further, certificates updated through it will need approval to keep a check on what changes is being made in the system etc. relieving the HR of the trivial queries of the employees.

Another feature of pocket HRMS that makes it a boon for the HRs is its mobile payroll app. In this smartphone saga, the employee may not have a personal computer but a smartphone has its roots seeded in almost everyone’s day-to-day life. Thus, this compact app, which is available for both, Windows as well as Android phones occupying mere 2.6MB of space can complete all the neck-breaking chores of an HR on the go. Also for any changes in the company policies or any general information the HR may notify the employee through the Pocket HRMS payroll app, and the same can be downloaded through Employee Self-service Portal.

Thus with features like:

  • Tax declarations
  • Online PF
  • Updating personal details and emergency contact details
  • Getting company updates
  • Pay-Slip generations
  • Managing leaves

Let the employees serve their own basic queries while your HR focuses on managing and building up your staff to take your company on a whole new level.

To learn more about how Pocket HRMS can ease lives of employees and HR, contact us here. You can also drop a mail at for a quick demo and consultation.



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