Pocket HRMS: A Reliable Backup Companion for your HR

A Reliable Backup Companion
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Your HR works hard to provide as well as retain proficient and dedicated employees for your company. In addition to that, they manage payrolls, performance tracking, TDS, etc. as well as provide feasible solutions to the requirements of both, the company as well as employees.

But what if your HR happens to take a break, falls sick or even worse, decides to resign? All the records and information maintained and kept exclusive to the HR only would be a whole lot of tiresome task to decipher. To top that, the needs of employees and managers can really put the management in chaos.

But as they say, “there’s an escape way to every closed room”, use of a cloud based employee management software such as Pocket HRMS can help you in the nick of time. Pocket HRMS helps your HR to manage, maintain, and store crucial records on the cloud. Thus, in case your HR is not available, these records can be accessed by the substitute or the replacement. These records can be easily used as back up for the HR in times of need.

  • Employee Details

All the details related to employees including employee personal & professional details, TDs, Job profile, and payroll, etc. can be maintained by the HR through employee management module.

  • Time and attendance

Pocket HRMS, with the help of its intuitive attendance management system, maintains a record of work hours. The software makes it very easy to track down important employee parameters.

  • Payroll Processing

Pocket HRMS makes use of its well-integrated modules to make a note of the deductions and the bonuses to be provided to the employee and precisely processes the payroll.

  • Loan management

HR can manage the loan given by the company to its employees, and thus in their absence, the list of employees who owe debts to the company can be known while the loan repayment is done automated with Pocket HRMS’s loan management module.

  • Performance Details

In the absence of an HR, an employee who has worked hard can get frustrated if he does not get appreciation and may even leave the company, which can be of great loss. But with Pocket HRMS’s performance and appraisals tracking feature, such reports can be easily generated and accordingly appraisal, as well as bonus, can be rewarded even in the absence of your HR.

In case of emergency, HR can also work from home through any device including their smartphones, with Pocket HRMS mobile app and can rectify the issues arising with all the records made available to them through cloud servers.

Though Pocket HRMS cannot replace the expertise and experience of your HR in dealing with the employees, for everything else, you can put your bet on the efficiency and workability of Pocket HRMS in times of need.

To learn more about how Pocket HRMS can ease the lives of HR, contact us. You can drop us a mail at sales@pockethrms.com for a quick consultation.


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