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cloud based payroll solution
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Every growing business shares a common thing and i.e., “an endless desire to be agile and efficient in its operations.” Simply put, increased efficiency across critical business processes helps a company drive in more profits and spurs persistent growth.

Human resource management is the crux of any business, which involves arduous and painstaking chores such as employee management, tax computations, payroll processing, TDS filing, tax returns, etc. to be executed on a routinely basis eating up significant amount of a company’s resource, time and money.

This is why businesses all across are turning towards cloud-based payroll solutions to shun away the sluggishness and inadequacies of legacy HR systems to pave way for an uber agile, scalable and intuitive payroll solution.

Businesses encounter prolific changes over time, but one thing that many organizations still haven’t adopted fully is ‘going paperless’ and payroll processing is not an exception. A cloud-based payroll solution is the perfect escape plan here.

Here are a few robust reasons that shout out to make that big switch to cloud:

  • Cost-efficient: Since cloud-based payroll solution is automated, it saves a great deal of time and efforts. Bid adieu to manual payroll calculations, incentives, tax computations, etc. Yes, with formula based calculation for earning, deduction and taxes, payroll processing is a cakewalk.
  • Ease of access: Since cloud-based payroll software is fully web-based with cross-browser compatibility and mobile support, it empowers HR personnel to execute payroll even when on the run. What more! The employee self-service feature provides employees with direct access to update and manage their details, receive payslips, apply for leaves, check leave balance, etc. saving your HR personnel from a great deal of administrative chore.
  • Full email integration: Cloud-centric payroll software offers a unified platform to shoot emails on the go. Send payslips, TDS worksheets and other critical HR reports and mails at the click of a button. Plus, enjoy excel based import-export functionality.    
  • Multi-location support: Do you have offices in multiple geographical locations? Not to worry, as cloud-based payroll comes with multi-location and user support. Access, manage, collaborate and process payroll for multiple locations with just a few clicks. Payroll anytime, anywhere and from any device.
  • Swift implementation: One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based payroll system is it does not require any installation as such and no need to download the software either. The application is rendered directly into your browser to get you started in no time. In addition, updates are taken care by the vendor and are executed straight from the vendor’s servers.
  • Paperless payroll: Bid farewell to heaps of documentations and filing work. With a cloud-based salary software, bookkeeping and payroll processing turns hassle-free and completely paperless. Moreover, going paperless means being eco-friendly, as you reduce carbon footprint to a great extent.
  • Worry-free storage: In case of any untoward incident such as a natural calamity or total server breakdown, cloud storage will save the day for you. Since all the data is securely stored on cloud, no worries of data lost due to any such unfortunate incidents.
  • Liberty to customize: With the recent advancements in technology and changing business environment, vendors of cloud-based payroll solutions even offer a customised payroll solution to meet specific business needs.
  • Real-time insights: Receive real-time insights and analytics with intuitive reporting. Empower your HR professionals to make informed decisions with cloud based HR management software.

“Computing is not just about computers today, it is all about cloud computing.” If you are keen to learn more about how a cloud-based payroll solution can do wonders for your business and crank up your payroll process, check out Pocket HRMS or click here for a quick demo.

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